1. @narcissa: It could have been trolling if it were false, but considering the fact that you’re a woman and the old man seems to fetch some pretty good advice considering your gender , i say it’s very true.

  2. I’d like to defend narcissa, for the sake of female solidarity, but I can’t. Why is this an idiocy? Except for 13 and 15, as fadetoblack mentioned, it’s all kinda valid. Even 4, to some extent.

  3. Why do you assume I disagree with what he said about women? Almost everything is bs, probably the female stuff is the least of all.

  4. the 7th and the 8th are plain ignorant generalizing, and the 6th is wrong in so many ways that it gets even hard to explain it. The 12th one gave me a good laugh :D
    I wouldn’t say it’s completely idiocy, I think the 1st and the 14th have some good points

  5. @Lisbeth: English is clearly not his native language.

    Notwithstanding that, it could be interesting having a chat with that anonymous. Seems to have lived just a little bit more than the average internet surfer.

  6. @Lisbeth: He seems pretty hellbent on using “you” instead of “your.” And I got fired over “unintentional typos,” so to hell with him! XD

  7. @HJ Thanks, I really needed your grammatical correction, without it I don’t think people would of understood my point.

  8. @narcissa: Well, you called the whole of it “idiocy”. I don’t think any of it is bs, I just think it’s very generic and doesn’t always apply. Which is fine, I don’t think anyone goes to 4chan to seek wisdom and gospels.

  9. @Lisbeth: Which is why stuff like that should stay in 4chan ;)
    They are generic, ignorant and offensive. I would explain point by point but I would feel dirty =(

    Also I said all, because even if you find one thing that COULD be remotely taken into consideration, it’s nullified by being generic, ignorant and offensive.

  10. @narcissa: You’re dumb. You would explain it point by point, but you can’t. You think that by acting superior towards the matter at hand you would prove it wrong. You’re nothing but a pretentious leather bag of organic matter and i advise you to stop talking.

    I hate it when people hurry to dismiss the value of words if they aren’t shown in the right context. If a movie would have contained those lines you would think to yourself “wow, that’s cool. i kind of know what they are trying to say”. You disgust me.

  11. @narcissa: I get you but, on the other hand, lot of meh’s content is generic, ignorant and offensive. Which, imo, is where the humour comes from, if you learn not to take it too seriously.

  12. @Shirtpants: good try :3

    @HJ: kinky o:

    @Lisbeth: Uhm, I’m a fan of offensive humour, but you can’t tell me this is humour :/
    And my first comment was simply saying I’m gonna take it like a troll post, hence not taking it seriously

  13. @Shirtpants: Good point…
    @Lisbeth: No, dude. There’s a word limit, due to popular demand, everything above goes to moderation. I’ve approved the comments and I’ve increased the limit. :) It’ll probably remove it soon.

  14. hear thou! internet’s finest minds having a skirmish! they all sailed through life and got to the other side and now are all able to tell the exact percentage of bullshit in that guy’s thoughts. because we’re all the same, aren’t we?! at least that’s what women think, apparently…
    aww, and let’s not forget the spelling geniuses hard at work over here… hahahahahahahaha!!! (did i spell that wright? or was it jajajajaja?! or perhaps right?)

  15. There, there, little gobbie, let me give you a hug! Your stepfather can’t touch you anymore, you’re safe now!

  16. @Shirtpants: Love, weren’t you complaining earlier that people take themselves way too seriously over the internets? Why exactly do lads like evil_goblin feel the need to set everyone else straight?

    Goblin, you’ve successfully healed the universe. You may rest now.

  17. hahahahaha! you guys have been throwing knives at each other for 40 comments or so, i come with a “chill the fuck out” line and i’m the one taking myself way too seriously?! i guess so.
    do you really have nothing better to do than argue about grammar and which exact quote is bullshit and which is not? i find the guy makes sense and you all do not. is that taking it too seriously?
    have a great afternoon you know-it-all hags! at least in my neck of the woods it is.

  18. @evil_goblin: the only one arguing here is shirty with himself o:
    you might as well be more successful than him though, cause with you I am indeed doubting on whether you are to be taken seriously or not @.@

  19. I’ve had some good laughs. narcissa, if you are indeed a female, I don’t understand why do you find that post to be idiotic, since those are some advices given by a MAN to other MEN, so why would you care? That was the whole purpose of his posts in the first place, narcissa. We don’t give you advices on how to dress, what type of mascara you should use, how to clean or cook, because we don’t care. “Trolling”… Pfff.

  20. @Contempt: Oh forgive me, I didn’t see that all his “advice” was to men about women, must be really an idiot. Oh no wait, that’s you.

  21. @narcissa: ps. I was probably deceived by the fact that I didn’t see any advice on how to watch football or how to disconnect your brain, so I didn’t figure it was MAN to MEN advice. But then again, he did give advice on where to stick your penis…

  22. @Contempt: Was about to go all nazi grammar on your ass, then I realized I misread, and you wrote
    “clean or cook” and not misspelled “clean our cock”

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