1. @Myth: Myth , finishing normal isn’t finishing the game , not eaven by a longshot … first part is just the “trial” of the game

  2. Yeah, you can do a speed run in ~7 hours. On normal. I did it in 3 sittings, so not a lot of levels replayed, and it took me ~14 hours. ( No, I did not die like a mindless noob, over and over again, I just explored every nook and cranny)

  3. Why do they call it Diablo 3?
    Because when you see it, you’ll turn 3 degrees and walk away!


  4. The secret lvl is actually a big FU to everyone that was saying that they were not gona play the game because its too colorful.

  5. @Negative0:
    They prolly gave it to some new devs to practice, while the l33t were busy over Titan.
    The game is “aight”, short, playable, shitty story, unfed skinny Diablo and disastrous ending… oh, and unstable servers.

  6. @tetrapak: and don’t forget 4th difficulty-> inferno : oh hey i’m a zombie … you 1 shot me in first act and now i 1 shot you , so silly

  7. I agree with tetrapak, although the game doesnt really start untill you kill Diablo on normal difficulty and then start playing again on nightmare mode. Normal difficulty is way too easy. Diablo 2 was way harder and better balanced but lacked the superb graphics engine available in D3.

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