1. It blows my mind that one of the most popular fighting games of it’s time had only seven playable characters.

  2. I still remember the day I got my hands on this game. <3 The following day I couldn't feel my fingers.
    This is how my TV screen looked like for a couple of years. Sub-Zero! :3

  3. Takashi Nishiyama: people only like your game because of the colorful variety of ninjas!

    Ed Boon and John Tobias: Oh really? That’s what we gon see…

    ->Then, they release MK3 with no ninjas (actually there was unmasked sub zero…and noob too but only through cheat, right?)

    The game FAILS. (actually not)

    And what’s next? Boon and Tobias release Ultimate MK3, with all the classic colored ninjas + new ones.


    Gotta love this story.

  4. @serotonin reuptake: Is that a true story? Too lazy to Google it…
    Never played MK3. I thought it was a flawed version of MK3U which was a flawed version of MKT. The final version, Trilogy, was the best ever.
    And I do agree that the rainbow of ninjas is the core of its success.

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