1. @HJ: i don’t think predator ever heard of kriptonite, so he can’t shot kriptonite laser beams… ok, so the point was: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!

  2. Not many artists would draw the Predator using his laser sights to target a claw attack. The fishnet body stocking, on the other hand, is pretty much what I expect to see on the internet.

  3. @Myth:
    Yeah, there’s no way the Predator, an incredibly advanced alien race who’s culture revolves around the art of the hunt, tracking, stalking and killing absolutely anything would know about kriptonite.
    Because there’s also no way such an expert hunter would attack an enemy that has only one weakness, not know aout that weakness and exploit it

    Seriously now, if he managed to find Superman, you can bet your ass he knows about kriptonite and that he beat the shit out of Batman to get some.

  4. You can also Google this comic and see what’s going on in it, instead of arguing senseless. :>

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