1. @Defiant Kalmyr damn that it’s what i wanted to write also.
    Ok next uploaded pic will be a cum dumster also.

  2. Thanks. “someone masturbating” and “someone masturbate,” it sounded kinda right both ways, but it sounded kinda wrong both ways, too

  3. Wait – after thinking about your comment some more – Do you mean he ‘does’ something, as in – this is a picture of him when he ‘does’ something? Otherwise, who says he isn’t still… like, doing it?

  4. @Stoner Hate: You speak wise words, pupil. It could be… After all, you can say “I heard him coming in” but can also say “I heard him come in”, with a slightly different meaning of course. I suppose it’s debatable and one could say they’re both right, even if I personally prefer the plain infinitive. We both win? :)

  5. Show me your chest and we’ll call it a draw.

    Haha, naah, I’m not like that guy you’re having a love-hate kinda thing with – what’s his name…

    Also, is that a profile picture of yourself? Just curious =P

  6. @Stoner Hate:
    1. I’d show you my chest but it seems to be obscured by boobs.
    2. I seem to be having a love-hate relationship with this whole site.
    3. I’mma leave you wondering.
    4. Pupil! :P

  7. Leaving me in the dark with all your answers, are you…

    Well, I guess here I come, YouJizz…

    Did I just type that out loud? o0

    About that first argument – Won’t mind the boobs. Just send it to me.

    Also – Redhead! Ha!

  8. @Lisbeth: it’s your fault for replying to everyone who engages you.. also you are a girl on a website with 95% horny guys, so deal with it! just place a pic with yourself so everyone will see you are not how they imagine you look like, and you will be let in peace.. and stay on topic!

  9. Oh dear Lisbeth, you are our public fantasy ! You make us cum back on this site every day, every hour. Dear meh queen, we pledge thee loyalty and naughty submission !

  10. D’aww! Now, isn’t this delightful?

    @Benny Lava: Rolàlà! You killed me there. :D It’s Reynier.
    Voyons s’il te sert à quelque chose.

  11. The attention whorism in this one is too damn high! Really, Lisbeth, you hurt my eyes.

  12. It’s funny because you don’t seem to avoid reading comments that annoy you.Aren’t you a bit of a hypocrite to tell me to fuck off and don’t read when you’re the main cause of flame in here by responding to every little comment that “concerns you “?

  13. Just by the fashion in which you replied to my first comment about you shows me that you’re a very insecure person with self-confidence issues, caring too much about any stranger’s opinion of you; you just never seem to be able to let go, whenever there’s a line that has the word “Lisbeth” in it you take it as your own personal ,most important quest to reply back and flash your blinding “brightness” in everyone’s eyes. Neg0 should organize a Prom night so you can be the queen, win the crown and fucking chill.

  14. @Shirtpants: Funny you should mention hypocrisy, dear.

    Weren’t you the one dying to meet Lisbeth when two pages ago you were accusing anyone who talks to her as primates?

    Take a look at yourself once in a while, maybe that way you can keep -some- of your dignity.

  15. @doggy444: So you are basically saying that you can tell if someone is joking or being serious , even trying to make a point by what? Writing?

    Why is everyone so damn serious every time? It’s because when you try to make a witty remark you have to get really serious if you expect the other person to be astonished and confused by what you have said, ergo finishing the argument and proving you are more intelligent. Which brings me to another problem, why is everyone trying to prove themselves and to other people they are smart?
    Hell, i can go on like this for days, with the risk of turning into Stephenie Bogroll Meyer.

    As for you my canine friend, i don’t usually mix dignity with the internet, for there is none here. And yes, the prospect of meeting her would sound overjoying to me.

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