Fuck Virgin Media

Pirate Bay can no longer be accessed by Virgin Media clients in the UK. The other major ISPs will soon follow. [Source] The internet is getting owned over here; how are things looking in the rest of the world? Also, it took me 20min. to post this because Virgin Media broadband is shit. Fuck Virgin Media.


  1. Fucking bigots. In this age controlling the Internet equals to controlling our minds. We should have mass lobotomy to protest!

  2. It is. For some. Why are you saying “your country”? Isn’t it your country also?

  3. @Hory: Everyone here says that. XD And I always tell them there are a lot of worst places out there. I dunno how long I’m staying but I’m totally enjoying it while I’m here. Thanks! ^_^

  4. @Defiant Kalmyr: Yeah, that’s pretty frustrating. And they all dress fantastic. Damn them all to hell! XD

    @Hory: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess? I live in Bucharest.

    Also, I hope you guys go easier on the internet law enforcement, cause I’m really loving my free everything.

  5. @Lisbeth: All? Fantastic? If that wasn’t sarcasm, I’ll have to quote your “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess?” :D

  6. shush Lis, you mean u moved from small Romanian town to capital for college. What other people come at school in Romania? ur so full of lies. get some self esteem and be happy with yourself for once :\

  7. I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 3 months in a hotel for work, the pirate bay has been blocked here for years man, and since they use mostly magnet links n0w it kinda sucks coz you can’t use browser based proxys. Welcome to the civilized world Neg, where the internet is regulated and the food sucks. God I miss moms cooking.

  8. @Scythe: @Defiant Kalmyr: Don’t. Gypsies will rip your left eye out and then rape your eye socket using your blood as lubricant; you’ll pass out and then die from all the internal and external bleeding from the ripped sphyncter and exposed organs.

  9. @Hory: I’m intrigued as to how the sphincter got ripped. Weren’t they raping his eye socket? Do tell me more, your story is quite fetching.

  10. @Lisbeth: His asshole will be also raped. Starting with little gypsy penises and ending with horse ones… I tought asshole rape was implied so I didn’t mention it.

  11. @bnm: I left Galati 4 years ago and Romania about a year ago.

    @dualzo: @Myth: The other ISPs suck as well, in a way or another.

    @Potato: @Peeping Abdul Jalalahmed: I know there are ways around it, but that’s not the point. It’s a matter of principle. After strong protests all around the world against internet regulations, they still did it anyway. And it’s gonna get a lot worse.
    I wanna browse the internet like a normal fucking human being, not hack my way through it.

    @Gabycms: I agree.
    Regarding the hotel’s internet, it’s common practice for public networks to have a high level of security. Public wifi needs to comply with principles of decency, because everyone can access them; also, it’s viewed as a service provided by the organisation (hotel, bar, city hall for parks and so on) so they are responsible for people’s exposure to bad content. If kids are gonna be able to access porn inside the hotel, obviously the outraged parents would sue the living shit outta them. That’s quite normal and it’s a completely different matter.
    I’ve found a few public networks which had meh.ro blocked. I felt so proud. ಥ_ಥ

  12. Ugh I live in the UK…(for now) using BT Internet and it’s super shitastic. This is what happens when people vote for socialist douchebags like the US president Obama…. You trade your freedom for “security”. I’d gladly be “unsafe”…. Fuck Obama, and fuck Mitt Romney. Ron Paul!!! Too bad the media in the US choose the selection for us…. Fucking media…. – end rant

  13. @Negative0: They’re doing this one way or another. When did mass protest ever have a lasting effect? Whether it’s called SOPA or ACTA or whatever project the UN is cooking, the people pushing for this aren’t gonna back down. Too much money is involved and the internet equals way too much freedom. This was bound to happen sooner or later. We’ve reached that point where the internet has long ceased to be “new” and “unknown”. Now it’s the place where everything happens yet it’s still pretty much no-man’s-land. We can’t have that, can we?

  14. Rant Part 2: as an American living in the UK I find the following things absolutely absurd: cant carry my letterman on me even for work legally, can’t own hardly any guns, doorknob tax, screen tax, tv tax, the never ending amount of monopolies….ugh this is the future of my home country and it makes me sick….this place is the epidomy of the book 1984

  15. These are the early hours of what seems to be a global police state our leaders are beginning to build. The foundation has been laid ages ago and nothing will stop it because those who can won’t and the rest of us can’t do shit about it. It doesn’t matter who is president or prime minister or whatever, the puppeteers are always the same. It’s not about political doctrine, this is modern slavery, politically correct slavery, we are not being discriminated because we’re a specific color or religion, people fought for equality, there you have it. All 99% of us are equal. The 1% is more equal than the rest. I gotta hand it to them, the illusion of freedom is very tricky to create. The “sacrifice freedom for safety” is fuckin brilliant by the way, to make people willingly give up their freedoms because of a threat their own state created was pure genius. And don’t even get me started on “supporting rebels so they can take over their own country, making them our puppets, sucking the country dry and then bomb the shit out of it so we can take what’s left too” strategy. They should make toppling governments an official sport. Enough rambling. I would like to access teh interwebs freely as well, Neg, too much hassle in hacking my way through it but when push comes to shove… what can you do? This is just an inconvenient much like others before and many many others to come. We have to adapt or perish. Underground resistance groups have existed since… well, since oppressors I guess so this does not end here.

  16. Ah yes, Neg0. I feel sorry for you about the shite ISP. I myself, however, am enjoying my 100 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up fiber with “free” internet. ( :

  17. @Scythe: There are tons of amazing vacation spots. And there are lots of decent people. It’s a very beautiful country, but it has certain downsides.

  18. @Potato: The reality is that we could spend days and days talking jibberish about the fabled 1% and we wouldn’t even begin to cover the tip of the iceberg. But the thing is they didn’t make it happen on their own, society had a major role in it. We’re too oriented towards wealth and money to the point of being damn straight blind. It’s harsh, but then again, no one man could ever change it, because there aren’t sufficient ears to hear him.

  19. Why y’all niggas gettin’ paranoid n’ shiet with conspiracy theories? It’s just a bunch of assholes being huge dicks, that’s all. No evil mastermind 1% / puppet master / God / Illuminati / aliens. Just dicks. Deal with it.

  20. @Negative0: Well, if you think about it, these are still people who have a lot more control over things than we do. And since 99% of us don’t have access to their conference rooms, you could still say they make decisions behind the scenes. Also, they really do try to get into our heads with propaganda, advertisements, cultural trends etc. so a fair amount of brainwashing and mind-control does exist. So, in the end, it doesn’t really matter what they’re called, or if it’s a conspiracy or not. For us, the vast majority, the end result is pretty much the same.

    @Potato: Tater tot, weren’t you twelve? I’d actually taken that seriously. XD

  21. @Lisbeth: I was being sarcastic :)
    @Negative0: Neg, you’re a young chap, you’ve got most of your life ahead of you so you’ll be able to see for yourself. Leaders have always had propaganda devices and manipulation techniques. It’s not that difficult if you have the means. For example every state has an institution that regulates what goes on in all the media (except interwebs). They monitor what goes out to the people via radio, tv and newspapers. Now, without those, the only information source is word of mouth. So… how difficult do you think the media is to control from this standpoint? Control the media and you control public opinion. Manipulating public opinion is just manipulating the public. Shit, it’s been done since roman times. Remember that fat news announcer in “Rome” on HBO? Also remember that history is written by the victors.
    @Peeping Abdul Jalalahmed: I think Google has it but if this too is too long for you let me sum it real quick:
    tl;dr i can count to potatoooooo

  22. @Lisbeth: That is true that’s why people should stand together and protest and if this would not help well we all know what to do. Today they trying to take control of a internet and their next step will be to take control of our minds and thoughts.

  23. We can pretend I’m 12, I don’t mind a bit of role-playing. Would you be my unbelievably hot substitute teacher who asks me to stay after class for some clarifications regarding my behavior?

  24. Lets DDoS Virgin Media. We’ll call ourselves “The Meh-di Army”. I’ll high-five anyone who gets the joke personally.

    You fuckers should get O2, better service, and they don’t give a shit on this stuff.

  25. @Peeping Abdul Jalalahmed: Iraqi Mahdi Army, meh.ro-style? Gimme five!

    @Potato: Aww, that sounds sweet but I’ll have to politely decline. Now excuse me while I straighten my horn-rimmed glasses and adjust my pencil skirt.

    @MacPain: « well we all know what to do »

    I confess I don’t.

  26. @Everyone here- It’s absolutely lovely how you care and get aggravated by things like this, but your concern does not worth a bog full of shit to the people that matter.

  27. Just wanted to throw in my last 2 cents before everyone moves on to the next big thing.

    @potato: I agree with a good portion of your post. However I don’t think it’s some massive conspiracy I think it’s an inherent flaw with society. Something goes wrong, society gets pissed, someone comes up with a “solution”, society eventually implements the “solution” at the price of freedom/privacy/rights. In the end our freedoms slowly erode until you can’t do anything without breaking the law.

    Think about it this way… how often do you hear about laws being created? A lot right? How often to you hear about them being overturned? Almost never? And they have to keep coming up with laws right? So by this process laws will continue to be created over and over until all freedom is gone.

    I suspect society in the next two decades will go either two ways. Either we all submit to slavery and live in a world of fear from our government. Or a modern revolution, in which you can count on that half of the Armed Forces siding with the rebels. But that’s just my theory.

    Right now the American Government has the right to:

    1) Detain anyone (including US citizens) for being a terrorist without trial in the world. (Patriot Act)

    2) Assassinate it’s own citizens (NDAA)

    3) Take whatever they need from your personal property (NDRP)

    4) Spy on you 24/7 without search warrants. (ACTA, CISPA, Patriot Act, SOPA, PIPA) FYI: SOPA and PIPA are not gone they just put them on the back shelve till people forget about them.

    5) Establish curfews (Patriot Act, Martial Law)

    Everything’s in place for a slave nation… wait until people start to disappear and it won’t be because of UFO abductions….

    Sorry for the long post…

  28. Oops forgot about HR658 (30,000) unmanned drones to watch over America has already been approved.

    Ohh and Stellar Wind compound (currently under construction) to monitor literally every Internet packet in the world. 3 trillion dollar project.

    Best of luck my fellow slaves

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