1. I heard it’s an epic saga spanning across 32 novels. This one is subtitled “This Bitch Is On Fire”.

  2. @Lisbeth I can’t hear you over the sound of how much you’re crying , please cry more , cry me a river ,a fucking ocean if you will. I now have new internet goals:

    1.annoy lisbeth
    2.make lisbeth mad.
    3.make lisbeth cry.
    4.make lisbeth commit suicide. (bonus)

  3. Oh I keed you Lisbeth.My crush is in a relationship , this makes me hate you all.

    But I have you anyway. I hope your cat dies.

  4. @dualzo: There there, Mr. McFluffington. He didn’t really mean that.

    Anyway, despite you upsetting my cat, calling me a cunt and constantly being an ass, I’m gonna wish you that your crush breaks up. Or that you get over her. Less baggage.

  5. @Lisbeth: LOL why’d you wish such a thing !? (LOL?-ing away in the distance) . Immagine all the suffering you would spare him when he finds her with his best friend !!! (Jill meets IllL)

  6. @Lisbeth: Dafthour, the only man who resisted your charms and never missed an opportunity to call you a … i don’t quite remember all of them attributes but they were a lot. Mostly something that rimes with aunt.

  7. @Shirtpants: Actually, I do believe it was my charms that drove him into madness. :D Either way, it’s nothing to be admired or bragged about. I do hope the poor lad finds peace eventually.

    Your tiny owl is adorable, by the way.

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