1. The world today has no place for arts, nor for philosophy, forthat matter! Only for cold engineers and their calculations. Sad.

  2. architecture useless…. ya sure… everybody can design a building… very smart. the one who compiled the chart had no ideea.

  3. seriously i do not understand what the fuck is architecture doing there and why isn’t theology in its palce … to be an architect you need good (if not verry good)maths and phisics knowledge so … SERIOUSLY WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  4. architecture obviously should not be there. how about our political sciences, journalism, social media, management and all that stuff?

  5. You people are one large unkindness of ravens, I’ll tell you. Theology useless? Heaven’s sake!
    An architect is someone who isn’t gay enough to be a designer, but not man enough to be an engineer either, said my (civil engineer) father once. Wise he was.
    Anything an architect does, a team of engineers can do too.

  6. anybody can learn to do the calculations of the engineers, but few has the talent to actually do a good project what’s meaningful and what you can use. Who’s saying that architecture is on that list is an uncultured fucking pig and has no ideea..

  7. @Dartes: it’s not that they have a place for arts or not. it’s just people being assholes. at first the arts students were very popular and they shaped the culture we live in now. Then after the flare started disappearing, people who went for arts seemed kind of posh and irritating. The majority then decided arts isn’t cool anymore and they went to majors like engineering and medicine. I believe you noticed the trend now of engineering and medicine memes on the internet. Again it’s just people going with the flow of stupidity on thinking they are important in life.

  8. Calm the fuck down, I’m gonna explain this bullshit to you. The word “useless” was a bad choice.

    That info is based on research conducted in the US regarding employment. Here’s a relevant link with top 13:

    That link provides a research report with detailed information: http://www9.georgetown.edu/grad/gppi/hpi/cew/pdfs/Unemployment.Final.update1.pdf

    If you take a look at those charts, you’d see that the issue addresses unemployment rates and earnings.

    Let’s take Architecture. It has the highest unemployment rate of them all. That means that there is currently a very low demand for work force, with a very high supply. (A lot of architects, no jobs)
    On the other hand, you can see that an Architect makes a pretty decent earning.

    So, the title actually means “Least demanded degrees in the current economical climate“.
    It says “useless” in the way that if there are no god damn Architect jobs, you’re not gonna get employed as an Architect, therefore, it’s useless.

    Obviously, an Architect major is not literally useless. In order to become an Architect, you need that major.

    Opinion powered by almost two Business degrees.

  9. I can’t recall the last time I saw a major construction project. In a few years (maybe 6-10) architects may again be in demand, but not now. That is not to say that entering the field of architecture is a bad idea, just that there may be fast-food work in the near future for those students. And thanks for the citations, my Neg-r0

  10. Apart from Architecture, all the other majors are technically unnecessary because if you had a passion for the Arts, and really wanted to do something, you just would do it, and get into the industry that way.

    Theology FTW!

  11. @Myth: I guess the dollar signs weren’t big enough. XD Theology is a stupid piece of crap but as a career choice it brings a heapload of cash.

  12. Fine arts, yeah, it’s useless.
    But Graphics Design and some commercial arts aren’t that useless.

    No more advertising and magazines without graphic design.

    And when it comes to commercial arts, for example let’s take interior design: luxury depends on interior design, meaning if you’re good, you shit money.

    Architecture is good for cool buildings, but a Structural Engineer can make anything without the help of an architect’s design if he has imagination.

    The rest, I don’t give a crap.

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