1. @bogdan.roca:

    don`t be mean. just `cos you don`t like iron maiden doesn`t mean they suck.
    and i truly believe you`r the “forever alone” guy who talks nasty about cute/hot girls knowing you`ll never have one.

  2. @unlucky13. tell that to my girlfriend. we’re together for six years now….
    and i believe your taste in women is fucked up if you consider that scank cute/hot.

  3. Tiles… why do all pouty-lipped wannabes take photos with tiles in the background? I mean, seriously, prison shower tiles… Sooo soo edgy. Tsk tsk.

  4. @Lisbeth: She is drawn to the tiles. Because, deep down I think she knows she has quiet a lot in common with the toilet she is taking the pictures in.

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