1. When asked why there was only one set of footprints, Jesus didn’t reply anything, because he doesn’t exist.

  2. When asked why there was only one set of footprints, Jesus replied “Because fuck you, that’s why”

  3. Jesus of Nazareth (7–2 BC/BCE to 30–36 AD/CE), also referred to as Jesus Christ or simply Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and is also regarded as an important prophet of God in Islam. Most Christian denominations venerate him as God the Son incarnated and believe that he rose from the dead after being crucified.

  4. yes, but i spoke out of ignorance, i thought A.D. was “After Death” and not “anno Domini”. however B.C is “Before Christ” so how could Jesus have been born between 7-2 BC, basically 2-7 years BEFORE he was supposedly born? INTERNETS FACT YO!

  5. If I recall correctly, he was baptised the second time because he wanted to show that although he was the progeny of God, he was a faithful servant, and saw himself as equal to the masses rather than elevated above them. One thing Jesus preached was that God was the one to be worshipped. He disliked people treating him as God, and actively spoke out against it. According to his teachings, many branches of modern christianity are fucked. Nah mean?

  6. @Kryn: Yeah, you don’t need to go by his teachings to figure out Christianity is fucked and illogical. :) Anyway, tried to look this up… it doesn’t really say if he was baptized as a kid. It just says that John refused to perform the baptism, cause he thought it was more fitting for *him* to get baptized by Jesus. But, as you said, Jesus wanted to follow canon like any other righteous believer. Also, Jesus himself refers to his burial as a “second baptism”. Anyway, I might be missing something. This book is like a giant maze, lol. It’s almost fascinating to read.

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