1. @dualzo: My people celebrated it the 8th, but yet,Christ is risen! Rejoice!
    Happy Easter to everyone (except the Jews…and the Muslims; and maybe the Buddhists too…meh), eat lots of chocolate if you are accostumed to that.

  2. I can’t help but think of this with a sexual meaning. I feel like the anchor is a smug little smile too.

  3. It took Jesus 3 days to respawn because he was rare mob. Upon loot he drops fish, bread and sometimes epic wine.

  4. Negative0 seems to be a sublime troll. His understanding of human nature is remarkable.
    (Or maybe a gypsy curse fell upon him, and he met a most gorey demise in some uncanny place…Moldova for example)

  5. Yo’ what’s meh.ro saying about making Neg0 a surprise, with an 100 comments post or something? We post random stuffs, no problem. Just curious about the reaction.

  6. How about Lisbeth providing us with 1 nude picture of herself a day until our Father returns.

  7. @G-Dragon: lets do it! boob, shit, fart, cats…lisbeth! speaking of which, where has she been the whole time NegO has been missing, very suspecious i tell you

  8. @Myth: you knew she was hideous, or that she has three tits, personally im a huge fan of three tittied women, haha, you see what i did there

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