1. @Lisbeth: Yes, and the fact that she fucked a lot of guys in a lot of porn movies while 50% of the grown male population in the entire world was masturbating to her “million times better that your saggy anything” body makes her not an insanely hot porn actress, but an ugly one. You’re so fucking stupid, fucking fucking stupid.

  2. Downloaded her filmography once…didn’t like almost anything there ;P she looks good but she ain’t much of else

  3. Don’t care how many cocks she had; she has some pictures on the internet where she looks beautiful, hot and innocent in the same time. The rest I don’t care: i won’t get to fuck her or raise her a statue for her virtue anyway :)

  4. I do not give many fucks about the number of cocks she had in her orifices, but her face, and the look in her eyes is the real turn-on.

    Not to mention her ass.

    9/10: would bang

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