1. @dualzo Fuck your couch. There is no way you could know that. You’re just assuming. Go suck a fuck.

  2. “…and personal characteristics of Novotel STUFF”
    Well, their service may be outstanding, but their orthografy is wanting.
    Otherwise, it could be false and homosexual. Go figure.

  3. @nuki: LOL!

    No self-respecting company would use the word “annoying” in an official document. But it’s still funny, despite the fakeness.

  4. @Lisbeth: Maybe no legitimate company administrator, but a pothead administrator would, I guarantee.

  5. @Cynic: You are no longer amusing; you know it is a forgery, admit it, and go to sleep (you seem to be in need of that).
    Blessings upon your family.

  6. @Dartes: I’m glad you thought I was once amusing, as that’s more than I can say about you. Much love, brother.

  7. I’m ashamed to say as a Dutchman, but this might very well be real. Dutch people make these mistakes all the time T_T

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