1. “Your firewall seems to be disabled.”
    “Avast has found a new threat:
    Ignore/Pull out!”
    “Found new hardware: 354 terabytes of genetic information.”
    “Safely remove hardware *right click* Ejaculate”

  2. I find it disturbing that Western Society has increasingly become far more preoccupied with pedophilia.

    I consider the posting of this image to express an act of anal sex being preformed by prepubescent a sign of what direction we’re heading in.

  3. @Ramster: “Underage porn” then? Anyway, that wasn’t my point. It’s obvious these kids were just messing around and someone else pasted the notif bubble. Buttfuck jokes are funny. Child buttfuck jokes, however, are kinda unsettling.

  4. @Lisbeth: Really? I made sex jokes in the first grade. And so were all the other guys. Unsettling? You should see what kids these days do, from their own free will. Paedophilia isn’t the real issues, it’s education.

  5. @Ramster: That was roughly my point too. I’m not picking on the kids, I’m picking on the adults who include kids in their porn humor. Anyway, this talk has the potential of getting waaay too serious, so let’s just shake hands from far away and each have ourselves a drink. :D

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