1. See, now it’s the (now scarce) posts like this that have kept me coming back everyday. The clever shit. Not the other “funny” shit. Negative0, I’d say this disproved your previous “the Internet is no longer funny” statement. Keep shit like this coming back. Also, the extreme vulgar and uncalled-for shit was usually entertaining as well. More of that, too. Fuck all the dumb shit and your site will return to what it once was, a laugh (or at least a good smile) on every page.

  2. @Cynic: You just said it yourself. Scarcity.
    Lulz became mainstream. People started selling lulz to a broader audience, therefore drastically reducing quality.
    Now there’s a high demand for unfunny and inane lulz from a massive audience. The true producers of lulz feel overwhelmed by the cancer and abandon the lulz. They have become outcasts. 9fag makes me wanna quit the internet.

    And I’m actually in your position, as well. I’m merely a humble user and distributor of lulz, not a manufacturer. So stop fucking pickin’ on me. :>
    If you can give me examples of other websites out there that keep shit going like back in the day (reposts don’t count), I’ll gladly try to pull my shit together and put more effort into it, with new found hope.

    Meanwhile, shit’s mainstream and posts like this one are one in a fuckin’ million now. Not only that, but it will probably become lost and forgotten, since the overwhelming majority doesn’t care for it. A lost treasure buried underneath a sea of fail.
    There are a lot of things I’d say on this topic, but I see no reason to do so, since bitching about it doesn’t change anything.
    I’m actually trying to improve things, because I feel more and more compelled to shut this down and quit the internet. I feel like no one cares about the site and, even more, it’s perceived as no different than the cancer. The fact that I’m still here means that I’m doing my best, a final stand perhaps, before I tap out.
    TL;DR – Fuck you, I’m trying. But shit like this is almost extinct.

  3. Sad days await us my friends.

    Neg0- one thing only, keep it steady man, we don’t want this to be flooded with incompetents. Sincerely, the users. My best pick is there are several to few(heroes ftw!) sites out there that manage to do what you are doing, and because of that i sincerely respect what you are trying to do and hope others do the same. If i had the money i’d be helping you out, buying t-shirts and everything but i’m poor as shit right now.

    As for 9fag and the lot, i couldn’t care less where you get the images from as long as their humorous attributes are well above the puddles of shit we’re fed on a daily basis. Reposts or not, good things never die, that’s why i have a collection of 178 images from this site and a few from other places. I’m just sayin’ …

  4. @Negative0: I realize you’re just a distributor. That being said, you still choose what to distribute. Fuck the majority. You shouldn’t focus on entertaining the majority. You should focus on entertaining the people that you think are worth entertaining. Trying to entertain the majority will only lead to inevitable downfall, as they will eventually move on to the next craze. You may feel like “no one cares,” but I guarantee that’s not the truth. I was going to buy a Meh. shirt but I didn’t like the fact that there was no .ro on it. It’s too general of a term. Also in terms of “no one caring,” for example: I have, what I consider, seven close friends. Of the seven, six visit this site almost daily. I’m sure that if seven people in the buttfuck middle of illinois give a shit, you have much more that do as well. We all share the same general opinion that you’re losing your “oomph,” but we remain loyal, due to your amazing track record at recognizing true comedic genius in the past (not to suck your dick). And to your “the internet isn’t funny anymore” statement: IT’S THE FUCKING INTERNET. I need not say the endless amount of shit it contains. You’re just being lazy. This site used to appeal to a very specific taste in humor (and some sick ass wallpapers). You have to simply maintain that same taste. It can’t be that hard. Your excuse shouldn’t be “hey, I can’t find other sites that are still good, so I don’t give a shit anymore.” Do you realize how fucking lame that is? Fuck. Get out of whatever depressed outlook you currently have, because it’s putting a huge damper on my days, as well as many others’.

  5. That’s around the third time you’ve asked for the fucking rating system. We fucking get it. You want the ratings system back. Annoyingly dumb fucks like you, enrage me.

  6. @Cynic: “losing your oomph”
    That was like hearing Dr. Alex Filippenko talking about solar energy in one of his courses. If you know what I’m talking about, then you are suddenly one of my favorite persons in the world.

    And Negative0, yes 9fag is a disgrace to anyone who has been sailing the high and low seas of the internetz for years, but fuck’em what do they know? I come here for the sole purpose of being entertained on a daily basis, even though posts are not frequent, but they have a value much greater than the trash being recycled and memes being raped in every orifice on neinfag.

    That being said, I’d buy that fixie bike in a heartbeat if I’d suddenly lose my interest in my crappy but awesome Mongoose Mischief.

  7. @Cynic: Thanks for the nice feedback. This is what keeps me going. Unfortunately, I don’t get it very often.

    @Patient Zer0: Same with you. Thanks. :3
    Also, that’s some fine sheep you got there on your portfolio. Might I have a closer look? (wallpaper size, both pics)

    @Dartes: I don’t think I’ll be bringing it back. There are very few people who would use it, and that plugin uses quite a lot of resources, and because WP sucks, the downsides outweigh the benefits. (It makes the site run slower; it’s not worth it for 10 ratings per post) I’ll put Like and G+ buttons as a substitute.

    I demand MOAR feedback. :>

    And how about a forum? We’ve talked about it before, but now I kinda want a forum, too.
    What do you guise think?

  8. I don’t get it.
    What could we possibly be talking about on the forum?

    I could see if this website would be about something…complex.

    I’ll put it this way: there are game modding forums, overcloaking forums, vehicles forums, etc.
    There will always be a constant stream of threads and messages on those forums because there are solid topics of conversation/information exchange. You can also learn stuff in there.
    That’s probably the main reason that they work, and make people keep coming back.

    I know this because I used to be an active member on great forums.
    (Mostly game-modding forums. Now, I’m just on skyrimnexus modding, and Betsheda’s CreationKit’s forum)

    I don’t know any successful forums that don’t cover a complex subject.
    Ofc, I could be wrong.

    What would be some of the topics (sections/subjects/whatever) on this new forum?

  9. @Panzerfaust.: From my experience, it’s quite the opposite.
    Anyway, this isn’t about why not. If you don’t agree, it makes no difference to you if it happens or not, so please STFU. :>
    This is about those who do want it.

  10. Well, it’s my fault for being naive to the point where I thought that there would be no harm in taking an interest in whatever the hell is going on here.

    You really need to calm down.

    And your question was “And how about a forum? ” so, clearly, my response was not off.

  11. @Panzerfaust.: You keep coming to a website you don’t like to bitch about every single fucking post, continuously pissing people off with your disapproval of everything that’s not aligned to your unique views of life. Get the fuck over yourself and stop polluting the website with your princess-complex issues. Next time, I’ll ban your daddy’s little princess candy ass.
    Yes, I am a dick, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re annoying as fuck, even though you have no bad intentions.

    Meanwhile, yeah, I tend to think a forum won’t work because of obvious reasons. But if people show interest in a forum, everything changes.
    I wanna know if there’s interest, I don’t fuckin’ wanna debate the motherfucking obvious.

  12. @Cynic: As it is commonly said in the vernacular: “chill out”
    And please, accept my apologies if my attitudes have offended you. I hereby promise you, guarantee you, to do everything in my power to make it ahppen again. Peace be upon you, brother.
    @Negative0: Well, Negative0, those are sad news, but that you have given me an explanation is comfortable. Now, how about an eventual forum? I know the voting was overwhelmingly against it, but… who knows?

  13. @Negative0:
    Thanks for banning Panzer, he was a pain in the testicles; although I see no point in a forum either.

    The sheep are 2816×2112.

    IMH(but possibly unpopular)O I’d advise you not to add a like button.

    Here’s the reason: I started visiting 9gag back in 2009 if I remember correctly. Twas really awesome and I’m not being sarcastic here. You had to register to see the naughty parts, then you could comment with your username, or you could comment anonymously. Content was the following: tons of graphic design/art/geek shit, posts that genuinely made you laugh and webcomics. It already had the New Uploads/Trending/Hot structure, but most of the posts were made by the creators of the site themselves and select people. New posts were hitting the main page at about twice the rate that you post stuff here. It was visited mainly by uni students from all over the place. Only those who thought that “Hey, my Illustrator skills might be good enough, I’ll give this thing a shot” posted. Nobody wanted to impress their classmates.

    Here’s the funny bit: when they introduced the like/share thingy it started going downhill pretty fast. Everybody wanted to show how witty they are, so they shared content on fb and soon it caught on and spread like AIDS in Africa and the masses started coming and coming. Then after a while you could only comment through your fb account. That’s when that site turned to utter shit infested by highschool kids who would make Milhouse a meme if you threw a Live Traced B&W version of him at them.

    Now I come here to see interdasting stuff. Oh and thanks for the wallpapers.

    TL;DR: don’t integrate fb into this site, otherwise the comment section will be infested with 12year old little shits pissing their undies.

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