1. Please, bitch.

    It’s more like:
    World: 1
    Nazism: 0

    If the eastern front would’ve been the only battlefield we’d be, most probably, be speaking german now.

  2. @rrrremus: Very nice. I’ve always wanted to learn german (I only know a little), but I’m too much of a lazy bastard to actually do it.

  3. @Panzerfaust.: Actually, my german friend, I doubt you would be alive.
    Still, are you people absolutely sure of this? Because I think that score is erroneous.

  4. It seems that war and post-war anti-nazi propaganda had great results.

    And no, I’m not sure about that –
    we’re talking about a hypothetical situation here.

  5. Well guys I’m not passionate about history, politics or economics, but it seems that Germany has started an economic european war since the EU has formed. Look at the facts, they have a huge selling market and pay no customs tax, they buy the land of the poor countries without any difficulties. The thing is they still haven’t learned their lessons. They lost two wars and probably going to also loose the third. They did learn a little bit from the americans, since they both adopted the same sneaky tactics. Or is it the americans that learned from the german scientists ?

  6. I’d love to continue on this thread, but I don’t like where this is going.
    I don’t care for today’s politics.

    Besides, it’s a very controversial topic. This could go on for days.

  7. 80% Percent of the German Armed forces were on the Eastern Front, and they found their graves in the russian motherland… The Reds stomped the fascists dead, shame they just plain didn´t finish every last german in Prussia before having to stop due to the arminstice…

  8. @DaftHour:
    It’s no argue that Red Army was better than Wehrmacht.I agree,Germany was defeated very bad at Stalingrad and Moscow.But from Stalingrad to Berlin is a looooooooooooong way.And by the end of the war,Allies were at the Austrian border(on southern front),and still hadn’t passed the Rhine(on western front).Actually Leibstandarte SS’s soldiers were on “holiday”fighting in Italy.It’s a NKVD file revised by two German historians called The Hitler file.The file is based on the interogations of two nazi officers,Otto Gunsche and Heinz Linge

    So Zhukov > All Hitler’s generals

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