1. What the fuck happened to your sense of humor? The shit you posted used to be very funny. Now it just fucking sucks ass. Step it the fuck up.

  2. The internet stopped being funny a while ago. Or perhaps I have matured. My feelings on this matter are better articulated by South Park’s “Everything is shit” / “You’re getting old”. What will become of me? ಥ_ಥ

  3. Negative0, I’m posting for the first time for three reasons.

    1) I find this picture to be hilarious cuz I too find everything to be shit. also because i pictured myself witnessing this happen in front of me and laughing at the stupid mortal.

    2) please bring back the rating system if possible because everyone what them back

    3) more wolverine pictures.
    thank you

    P.S. please actually think about perhaps taking the time to consider the possibility of maybe putting the effort into potentially contemplating the chances of setting said requests into motion. Thanks again

  4. Rating system!? For what?
    Oh, I see – so that every random idiot @here can mindlessly give the highest rating.

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