1. Haha! Not amused. Brazil sucks. The most inexpensive, popular, unsafe, shitty car they sell here costs around 15000 USD. Even a fucking smelly big mac is expensive as hell. I’m tired.

  2. goddamit! i have to work for two hours for a fucking big mac. lucky for me i don’t their shit food.

  3. Brazil sucks. Everything is overpriced and of poor quality. Don’t come here.

    Luckily I’m leaving this shitty country soon.

  4. @tedesco: Brazilians remind me really close of argentines. Always complaining about their own country and competing between each other in a (mostly) friendly fashion.
    I am quite familiar with the River Plate basin, so I can tell as much.

  5. @Dartes

    Maybe so. And yeah, Brazil x Argentina is mostly a football thing.

    Still doesn’t make this place suck less.

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