1. @Patient Zer0: I saw on your link something about some mature content, i thought it was fap-worthy. I eventually managed to fap to that, but what’s so mature about a sheep getting gutted and it’s hide taken off?

  2. @Sness5: Personally, I did not like that album.
    It’s a remix album and, like most of the times, the remixes are not as good as the original tracks.
    The best examples are ‘Pts.of.Athrty’ wich sounds like pop on Reanimation, and ‘Enth E nd’ (feat. Enimen) wich sounds like a kind of rap that I do not like. :)

  3. @DaftHour: U’re right ’bout Mr Hahn. But as for the jay-z album, it sucked like no other. On the other hand, Reanimation has some interesting sound pieces, plus Hanh/Shinoda’s team-up for artistic reasons was Yummy.

  4. Speaking of side-projects, I wonder why Shinoda stopped his Fort Minor project.
    It seemed very promising to me.
    There were some great tracks on the first album such as: ‘Remember The Name’, ‘Believe Me’ and ‘Where`d You Go’.

  5. And why are you telling me that?! Look for conversation elsewhere.
    I don’t care for you anymore.

  6. Wow. I usually at least smile at “funny” images, but this just fucking sucked. As a matter of fact, all of today’s images fucking sucked.

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