1. The Sun isn’t trolling,it’s not a person,get over it and move on with your life,get job and gf etc. etc. :P

  2. This “humor” is lame dude,get over it and stop butthurting I called you an idiot,you’ll still be one when you wake up tomorrow.

  3. @Mihai: No offense, but you think way too much of yourself if you really think that you can make me feel bad by calling me an idiot, while being unable/unwilling to prove that statement.
    Now back on topic: just because you think that this kind of ‘humor’ is lame doesn’t make it a general truth – it’s just your opinion.
    Why are you here if you’re not into internet image-based humor?!
    I take it you’re here for the ‘fap’ material.

  4. I’m here to say what I wish for idiots. :P If you don’t feel offended then stop butthurting,you’re acting like some sissy. >.<

  5. @Mihai: you’re a cunt. STFU and stop saying butthurting it makes you sound like more of a douche than you are which is kind of hard

    also the word sissy died in the 80s

  6. @Lazzah: learn my language maybe and stop bitching about how I utilize English. If you don’t like what I write then ignore it and don’t butt in other people’s talks and call them cunts,hypocrite.

  7. litle things like this.. makes me laugh… even read the bull$h1ts of ppl loke above haven a battle of words. Things like that is what makes me be a better person everyday… coz the sun isnt my enemy, nor ppl or bad english. This enemy is Myself. U all get over it.

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