1. @Ervey: Nah man. Why are you people getting so edgy every time I post stuff related to closure?

    It’s just a nice ole’ image we all grew up with and we all love. Now available as a wallpaper. :3

  2. He should close it. I mean we’ve all been shitting here so much, that the site has become like one of those disgusting public toilets. Haha…public toilets…i like this analogy. But yeah it is too fucked up now. If i were -0 i’d choose who to let take a shit at my place. A lot of people will just leave your bathroom with sprinkled shit all over the walls. That is not civilized. That is all.

  3. @SKiT: No. Nothing belongs to me (with maybe a few exceptions).
    The uncredited ones are either done anonymously, I can’t find the source, or they’re not really worth the credit.

    In this particular example, it doesn’t really matter who made it since the image belongs to Warner Bros. and anyone with basic design skills can recreate it.

  4. @bnm: Those have been my feelings since the early days of the website. I often consider closing it down since no one seems to really give a shit. Meh.

  5. Neg0, if you say i don’t appreciate your site, you couldn’t be more wrong. I do appreciate it, i appreciate the fact that you’re uploading good quality pictures, and i appreciate the fact that i can have intelligent conversations with some of you and make fun of without starting a flame war.

  6. do you ppl have ever seen what fucked up blog is like? 9shrad n stuff … just dont listen to no on and keep doing what your doing, democracy is not workign :D

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