1. This is so good, I’d add it to favorites. But there’s no such thing as ‘favorites’ now.
    Thank you for that, btw.

  2. I’m still an art student and I make way over minimum wage working 4 hours a day from home. This joke might have a wrong target..

  3. @Negative0: when it was funny anyway? :)) but let him feel good about himself, cause I see he’s a very sad person(kid maybe) who wants some attention

    PS: Just put 1 nickname/account and the probrem is solved

  4. @Myth: You meant to say “When was it […]?”. Consider spending some time on improving your English rather than being concerned with protecting an anonymous ID.

    I see you get pretty butt-hurt over this for a person who’s assuming someone else to be a sad kid wanting attention.

  5. @Sír Samuel M Michaels: When are you shitheads going to stop correcting people of other nationalities, i do not live in england, or america, or other country that speaks english as it’s native language, and i bet neither does myth. But if americans knew romanian as much as i know english, maybe i would allow any native english speaker to annoy the fuck outta me with his grammar nazism. I’m pretty pleased with what i know, you obviously can red, ergo understand what we’re saying so please stop this bullshit, you’re not even making any point with it.

  6. @DaftHour: Just a minor correction… you meant to say “[…]English as ITS native language[…]”; I’m Romanian too, but not using it as an excuse to be a dumb-fuck. Furthermore, Myth made an indirect reference to me, so this doesn’t really concern you, but if you really wish to, okay…

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