1. the rat is the 10th smartest creature on earth you miserable cum-swapping faggots, that’s why they experiment on them, but it doesn’t mean it’s right..

  2. @urs: i saw that top 10 on animal planet’s website… it looks really legit that a pigeon with a brain not bigger than a walnut is on rank 7 and dogs aren’t even in top… and humans aren’t animals according to them :)

  3. @Myth: every documentary or statistics-website has its own top..
    an older russian documentary shows the dolphin, the rat and the horse as the most intelligent creatures..
    rats are disgusting and full of diseases ’cause no one cares about them..
    i bet if you took “a cute little fluffy doggy” and left him in a fucking sewer pump for generations to breed, it wouldn’t be so fucking cute anymore..
    we should look up to the rat species is where i’m trying to get at~

  4. @urs: Let me prove how you and everyone who’s against experimenting on rats are hypocrites:
    You used (and, most probably, still use) drugs. (not to mention vaccination)

    Stop going to the hospital (and farmacy) and using their services….then, your opinion might worth something.

  5. A tragedy on the Jew comment, that’s terrible. As for animal testing, it’s awful. I’ve seen the bunnies firsthand with the chemicals they put in their eyes. Truly awful.

  6. @Panzerfaust.: your view of the world and humanity differs from mine so i’m not gonna have this argument with you right now via comments here, it’s gonna be useless, off the topic and you won’t learn anything.. also, i’m not a hypocrite

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