1. lol, you’re getting angry at urs for seeing things as they are…and showing him your hobby of having sex with the dead. that is sick. i’m so disappointed on some people…you are one of them melc, even though i don’t who you are. you see how low you got there? i have no idea who you are and you already disappointed me…nothing you’ll say from now on will make up in the eyes of humanity for your rotten personality…oh the dilemma…

  2. ^maybe you shouldn’t put your hopes in humanity in charge of some random people you don’t even know. and if you don’t know me, how can you figure out when i’m trolling and when i’m being myself? how do you know my personality is rotten?

    eyecollapse: holy shit, urs and panzercunt are brothers?

  3. @urs I just hope you learned something from this experience.

    Anyway, welcome the the romanian version of 4chan.

  4. @Melcul Netrebnic, seems your mom’s x-rays came back from the forensics

    @Panzerfaust. thanks for the warm welcome but i was here since almost the beginning, i just don’t usually comment on pictures

  5. So Meh finally is on its way to 4chanisation…

    Morons coming and posting the most impressive thrash pictures they have… Soon this place will be full of cp too.

    What a disappointment.
    That used to be a quality website.
    Now it’s teenager’s playground and spams…

    How about censoring links in comments ?
    After all, all non english talkings are banned, why not links to thrash and cp ?

  6. please remove Melcul’s comment or remove Melcul because that picture I saw just ruined my fkin week. Melcul, please go away.

  7. Ah, I remember that pic. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. That’s what keeps the internet going.

    Meanwhile, I think I need mods. Mods with heavy ban hammers.

    Sorry folks, carry on.

  8. Nooooooooooooooooo pleaso do not censure Ariel pictures. Mermaids make me horny !!! And her little friend, he’s cute little fishy fishy. What the fuck is wrong with you ppl ?!

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