1. i’m a pro tile setter … he/she was either totally ignorant or very angry at the customer
    for this to happen

  2. Neah, if the tile setter is angry or pissed at the people it’s enough for him/her to not set a tile or two right, so they always sink when you step on them… Annoying as hell lol

    Still, I keep trying to put that tile back in place but all I’m succeeding at is getting my monitor sludged…

  3. you can be certified to do tile by taking a couple classes and getting a paper … not many people can say they have been installing tile since the age of 10 and have been around the tile business since 4. I have a facebook page Search: Ace Tile

  4. that motherfucker! he laid the tiles like that just to mess with my brains! make it stop, make it stop!!!

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