1. BTW, is this series over? (Breaking Bad)
    It’s been quite some time since the end of the last season.

  2. Let me resolve that one out,Panzer
    As written on IMDB : “Season 5, Episode 1: Episode #5.1
    Original Air Date—2012 “

  3. @intense that’s good. At leats this series goes on.

    All the other series that used to be ‘worth-watching’ evolved into somethig bad. Like
    Two and A Half Men – Boring; not funny.
    House – Boring; too much drama.
    All the others ended long time ago. (Seinfeld, Scrubs, TwilightZone, Worst Week, Married with Children)

    Have a nice day.

  4. @AlexToma I don’t know about Dexter (the TV series), I did not watch it.

    @dualzo Top Gear is interesting, but I, for one, don’t watch TV. Anyway, when I watch it, I do it because I like the show – not the cars. I prefer motorcycles. They’r bad-ass. :D

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