1. Hope now everyone understands why fat people float better in water than skinny or muscular ones. This is a good lesson on density. Fatties have bigger volume for the same amount of mass, therefore have lower density which makes them more buoyant. You’re welcome.

  2. friends we have to fatten ourselves what if the global warming is real and the ice caps will melt. we will evolve in verry inteligent dolphinlike creatures, build underwater cities and thrive there. the surface will be doomed, we must protect our kin.

  3. @Panzerfaust. ah you poor thing :(. Sorry you wasted time reading something that “everybody knows”. Should i rub your tummy so that the pain goes away ?

  4. @Yuri Gagarin It’s ok man, I forgive you.
    And no, you can’t do that to me unless you’re a cute girl. (and you’re at least 2 years older then me)

  5. @Panzerfaust. I must disappoint you i’m not a cute girl. But I don’t get the “at least 2 years older than you” thing. Are you like 12 and you only like them chicks to rub your tummy if they already passed their puberty or something ??

  6. @Yuri Gagarin not really (fyi, I’ll be 21 soon).
    I just like to be around people that are older then me.

    One of the main reasons is this: it’s less likely that such people are still immature, stupid or idiots.

    Now I have a question for you: What’s with the ‘rub the tummy’?
    Is what you understand by ‘being intimate with a woman’? I thought that’s the kind of stuff that parents do to their children. (to bond/cheer them up/whatever)

    Do you have mommy issues? (or, whatever this thing’s called)

  7. @Panzerfaust. ahaha to women? no, you said something about girls, not me, tummy rub is more like something you do to pets…. maybe to children too, idk. Cats and dogs love it. Its basically something that has the potential to make a pet/kid feel better. Obviously, its a bit offensive to say that to grown-ups, so i was exercising my trolling skills after you felt the need complain about how obvious the things i said in my first comment were.

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