1. @Gowron and the other distinguished gentlemen of superior class and social status

    Because the retards from America decide the fate of the world, generally.
    They’ve taught you to speak the only non-native language you know, how to perceive the world and, most importantly, how to perceive yourself. They taught you that they’re the greatest nation in the world, but that you should also envy them, by putting ideas of patriotism and pride in your head. They’re the ones responsible for a major part of who you are and what you do. They’re the reason you feel special and you cockenvy them.
    So when a nation is so powerful that it can remotely influence the way you, as an individual, will develop without you even realizing it, you should really fucking care when they decide to change some major aspects of how the world works.
    Tl;dr – if they do it, all other governments will soon follow.

  2. This shit ain’t funny guys. It won’t hit me directly but it will affect my surroundings, big time. Which in turn will affect me. Same goes for all of you people, whether you are american or not.

  3. Hi Neg0,

    I’ve always been a fan of meh. Always lurking there and here. Never posting, just appreciating.
    Just registered to say that there, you are a perfect retard.

    Who do you think you are ?
    Are you so satisfied with the privilege of being “the admin” that you think you know things that are absolute truth ? You want us to be your followers ?

    How can you be such a dumbass in your words and thoughts ?

    If a nation has to be the patriotic-asses it has to be america. Americans…You think you are the center of the world. You think everybody envy you.
    We just do not care about your stupidity and your shit.

    Americans are morons as they voted for the people that voted these bill.
    This is election you know. Those people are the representatives of the nation.

    Fuck yourself and your self esteem. Every nation decides its fate.
    america is just plain ridiculous, a country of pure immaturity, living in the past, thinking “this is america damn right we are the best”.
    Try to be more world centric and not pathetic like that.

    How is america making me “perceive myself” ? Are you kidding ?
    Do you really think I do give a fuck about amerifags wrong-doings ? That I have a american flag next to my bed so I can pray and wank to it because my dream is to be in the USA ?

    The ones responsible for who I am ? Like it is not my nation, my culture and social environment that made me … but america ?

    This is a pity that such a great website has such a narrow minded and self centric admin. But it was foreseable after all. “Leave a reply (ENGLISH ONLY)”

  4. @AhaNeg0 are you fucking retarded?

    GTFO and browse google.com … and it rhymed :)

    what he said is actually true, other countries WILL follow USA`s example, like they did in the past, numerous times, get outta bed and smell the truth, “americans” do control everything ATM, and I know it sounds like some conspiracy bull shit, but it`s true.

    have a horrible day/night :)

  5. If the world is so simple for you to say that “america controls the world”
    Then it is fine for me.
    You are pure moron that think he knows the world.
    Not just a part, not just a little thing, but the entire and inextricable complexity of the planet.

    If you just open your eyes and stfw you will see that oh america depends on other countries, depending on other ;
    and so much more that you cannot say such a retard manichean saying like “america controls the world”.

    And what about the perfect truth I just exposed to you ?
    Americans voted for their representatives. Making them the voice and the choice of the nation.

  6. AhaNeg0: You are obviously too dumb to see what Neg0 was saying instead you reacted without thinking. He’s not saying that you worship America or that you even LIKE America. He’s saying that government officials work with America to establish ties, trades, bonds, doing so your government inherits some of those ideas that America promotes, thus passing those ideas beliefs and structure back on to you the Romanian who “doesn’t give a fuck about America”.

    Keep in mind the main backbone that runs the internet is DISA and it’s main headquarters is in the US… so maybe you should care a bit more.

    Neg0 Sorry to say but this bill already passed in the US. I didn’t even know about it until I saw it on this website, thanks for the information…

  7. foreseeable indeed :) i also just registered to comment this … here’s my opinion: there will always be idiots driven by pride. the sad part, is that they think they help the world they live in… they don’t even see HOW they are manipulated. they just learn their daily manipulation from the media they’re fed by some sort of censorship council. well… this goes to them: fuck you very much for your existence. you are helping to earth’s resource consumption without doing SHIT. you couldn’t; your time is taken by your own fucking pride and indoctrination. YOU fucking failed to see the world through your eyes. keep believing what you’re taught by the people who want your TIME and give you nice-colored-paper.you’re to fucking small brained to think YOU could do something to help LIFE, NOT “the world” as you’re taught it exists. fucken ignorants. btw… how old are these guys (siky and Negative0) … if i look at their aliases…gets me thinking even more…

  8. @AhaNeg0
    Nigga, I ain’t American.

    My highly exaggerated statement was meant to point out that hipster faggots with an “I hate America because I’m fashionable” attitude should still consider and appreciate the influence the US exercises globally, as it has for a long time, through means of globalization, media, politics and global marketing.

    It was a bit off-topic, but some of the people that say “hurr durr america stupid my 3rd world country is good derp” have been raised under America’s global wing and their sets of values are highly influenced by their entertainment industry.
    But for some reason there’s been a hipster’ish trend in the recent years to be anti-american (which is also a product of America’s media)… this is where the irony sets in.
    One might argue that it is besides the point, but you should consider that all the people’s opinions are based on this naive foundation. Which pretty much makes their opinions corrupted with prejudice and invalid. (and frankly, retarded, since you base every opinion on a feeling which is a part of a fashion you have been subdued to).

    Now, one is inclined to say “The SOPA is irrelevant because Americans are retards, because I’ve been told that by the media (American media, but that’s not important)”.
    And this is a bit irritating. Hipsters saying “USA’s politics are irrelevant because a lot of their people are fat.”

    And this is my main point. I’m not saying America rules the world. I’m just saying that some people that say stupid shit and they should realize the ironic situation they’re in.

    Meanwhile, on the topic, if their internet becomes enslaved, all internet will go down with it. Even though they’re retarded or fat. :)

  9. @Luiggi_mat what kind of productivity? do you ever think about slaves? You are one of them. sad part is you are so contempt with what you “own” right now, that you never thought you could do something that combines your knowledge and the mater this world is made of.

  10. btw… other countries follow usa because their influential people were given nice-colored-paper. and when bribe didn’t work, usa invaded those fucking countries… but you would need drawings to imagine that. your imagination is kept busy by…. paper.

  11. As a side note regarding Negative0’s first statement, whilst it is mostly accurate; I have serious doubts about the “they thaught you how to perceive the world part”.

    Still, repect for you, mister Negative0, sublime answer.

    p.s.1.: In my naitve tongue, “sopa” means soup, just an uninteresting fact.
    p.s.2.: I speak 3 languages besides my native one, if it isn’t because of America, it must be the Dog Chow surely.

  12. What Jukari said.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone can do something about it or not at this point, and I’m pretty sure all the petition initiatives are bullshit.

    But it’s pretty important for people to be aware of this and understand what’s about to happen in the near future, and perhaps find a way to fight it somehow.

    I believe there’s no way to prevent the complete enslavement of the internet, on the long term. It’s a huge resource. Obviously, it will be exploited. The reason this didn’t happen sooner is simply the lack of knowledge and awareness of this resource’s value. But now they know.

    The SOPA will have no significant impact by itself. This is only a part of the legal framework that will allow corporations to deploy other means of control.
    Yet, the critical significance is the passing of the bill itself, as an act of the first major action taken in order to control the internet. Which will became a precedent, serving as an icebreaker for the shitload of other regulations that will follow and will bring important changes.

  13. please think over an action to it’s fucking end. see it’s fucking purpose. don’t get stuck in false teachings. use your fucking conscience to follow the actions that influence US in the fucking end.

  14. btw, gaddafi was a good man, why you ask?

    actually i lived in libia for 1 month, work stuff, did you know that the people in libia were fucking lazy pieces of shit, and all the money they got was from the government, but after gaddafi came in and told the people to fucking work for a chance, they started rioting and shit.
    and the climax is that america was in on killing gaddafi…why you ask again? because of motherfucking oil, that`s why :). (oil? wtf bitch, you cookin`?)

    now, i know this is fresh new information for your tiny ass brains and will call me ” omg, fag, you don`t know that romania is awesome?”, and all i have to say on that is ” fuck you, if you ever had the guts to even go outside and smell the fresh air and not just watch fox news and “antena 3″ (quote within a quote) and think you are motherfucking geniuses, you would start asking yourself, why that?, why this?…wtf is going on with the world” .

    i wish you all nightmares. :)

  15. @The_i
    My nickname is from the time I was 12yo, I think. So yeah, I agree with you, it’s pretty fucking stupid. But hey, all nicknames are silly, so it’s as good as any other. :)

  16. Yes, as I have said, they all sound retarded to me, so I don’t really care what nickname I use. It was a random pick.
    And using my own name is kinda weird on the internet.
    The_i is pretty fuckin’ 4grade-ish, too. :)

  17. What siky said +
    You judge people by the words they use as aliases on the internet.
    That means you believe a nickname should critically reflect one’s personality and one’s sets of values and believes to a very high standard of relevance.

    You’re saying nicknames are important but there’s no way Hollywood influenced you as a person? Hah, bitch please!

  18. I’m grateful for this ‘SOAP’ initiative.

    I truly hope they succed in whatever they’r planning to do about copyright infringement.
    I also hope that things will have begin to change on an international scale – not only in the US.

    In my opinion, the **free** and easily-accesible content that is subject of this matter has it’s decent share of blame in the matter of constant degradation of the human society.

    I can live without new movies, music, software, video games, etc.
    More than that: it would force me to focus on important things, become more productive and waste less time :)

  19. siky, just shut up and work. you just keep working for money. it’s survival instinct. i decided to work for LIFE’s comfort, no matter whose life we’re talking about. you go on working for your’s only. beware …. when your work implies that i will run out of resources (oil, metal,etc) and i can no longer execute my goal; that will change my goal into removing the cause that’s robbing me of resources. and trust me… i won’t be able to build anything useful with colored paper and no other materials.

  20. Negative0, i said it gets me thinking. u said i judge. thinking is not the same as judging. but then again… why the fuck do i bother ?

  21. The “i” is that thing that goes in and out of consciousness each day. but then again… who would’ve though that far ?

  22. siky, what i’m saying is your work is stupid
    you are just the one who doesn’t see it, but it executes it, because the system he lives in just doesn’t seem to work any other way

  23. I think anyone who disagrees with Neg0 should just ask themselves this question:

    “Would we be having this conversation if any other country in the world instead of America proposed this idea?” And the Answer is NO.

    The fact that this conversation is even taking place on a Romanian website shows American influence. If that’s not proof enough then you are completely blind to your surroundings.

    I am an American, currently living in the UK. YES there are plenty of stupid fucking ignorant fat lazy Americans out there. You would know because you’re watching our TV shows, listening to our Music, logging onto our servers. I haven’t a clue who the Romanian President is, but I’d be willing to bet you know who the America president is.

    The problem isn’t that Americans themselves are stupid, but generation after generation of simple living has left them hopelessly irresponsible, naive, reckless and complacent. We are a product of our surrounding. And its just as likely to happen to any other thriving technology driven nation. It’s happening now as we speak to Romania.

    And to break this BS garbage about Americans thinking were better than everyone. I personally don’t think that, obviously America is in a serious decline, and the people of our nation need to take their heads out of their ass and start doing something about it. It’s all about the Rise and Fall of nations. America had it’s rise, now it’s crumbling to complacently, in a few years time it will be so broke it won’t be anymore powerful then any other European nation.

    Ehh whatever….

  24. Seriously guise,
    Talking about nicknames is particularly retarded.
    That is 4gradish :)

    This debate is really interesting so okay.
    I am willing to accept a compromise as I really do not like to be such insulting and straight in my sayings. There is always nuance to a fact.

    I agree that countries get an american influence, as they got the influence, as “minor” as it may be, from other countries over the world.
    But saying that the world is ruled by america is bullshit.

    The world needs all of the cultures that exists to be – the world.
    Your culture, surroundings and social environment is truly what I believe to be what makes yourself, you.

    As for my opinion I do not think that the internet will be enslaved,
    Ever heard of China ? They have always seen the internet censured and they are also a really powerful country, with the world’s most promising economy.

    To you,
    Was China the precursor of that bill ?
    Do the chinese created that law throught their influence over America, the same way America will influence countries in Europe ?

  25. indeed.. we are the result of our consciousness’ interactions with surroundings. it’s my turn to protect what those surroundings create.

  26. @Jukari
    Your latest intervention is interesting but sadly contrary to you I think that :
    Yes we would be discussing this conversation if a country of freedom was voting a law against it.

    Maybe not us maybe not here, but a country that changes the very law that made it is a big deal and owes discussion.

    You are right. If we were not so stupid we would be doing more important thing that talking virtually about politics while watching movies and stupid series. American ones or not…

  27. @Jukari
    You are misunderstanding the point YOU brought up ^^

    I never said I love censorship and would love a country were websites are getting filtrated.
    I said that

    “Would we be having this conversation if any other country in the world instead of America proposed this idea?”

    The answer is YES.

    When a country that defines freedom as its first valor, turns its coat to vote against freedom, then YES a debate has to be talked through.

  28. @the_i, what the… i don`t even…huh?

    you started to say my job is shit and it doesn`t matter and now you are just vomiting words and expect to understand you ?…

    what the fuck?

  29. you just see you job. you don’t yet see to what end you do it. it’s just you in your mind and there’s no more place for something else, or you got a big padlock on the gates of your “soul” (religion is out of discussion. please,at least this time, think of the term “soul” with your own mind, not with what you were taught in religion class)

  30. Gentlemen, now leaving.

    Appreciated the little debate and will get back tomorrow see the interesting points.
    But for now I am just going to relax, maybe drink a Coca-Cola, eat Cheetos, get a MacDonald. And think I am free.

    Our politics talk is not the biggest talk of meh.
    Skyrim beats our asses !

  31. AhaNeg0, i already miss your point of view. i suppose i like it because it comes from a free consciousness. and that is what i recently allowed myself to explore. i believe a truly free mind can live within no limits, while most others are limited by the safety their home provides.

  32. A bunch of old people talking about the technical aspects of the internet.

    Well, the decision makers will go with whoever makes a better sounding case, ‘cuz those fuckers have no idea what this is all about.

    It basically comes down to the classic “national security vs freedom of speech” bullshit.

  33. Sorry folks I had to step away…

    AhaNeg0: You made some valid points sorry I stepped away before I could address them.

    @phroz3n: AWESOME thank you for the live feed, however the bills has already passed thier just discussing the amendments. lol right now their discussing porn haha.

    Negative0: Yep, I am US military stationed in the UK (RAF Mildenhall), previously stationed in South Korea. However I will not discuss what I do for the government. I am still a proud American who is here to defend my country and it’s allies, even if my country makes foolish choices sometimes…

  34. Un Om. do you really think they have time for this “bullshit” (thinking of what they are)? wouldn’t you agree that one uses his time/mind/self to make more money so they could safely walk towards death ?

  35. first of … i’m not so stupid to attack a bear with my hands only. i can only imagine such battle with such arguments will result in a difference of force. the bear has it bigger. why not use my mind to guide my hands to use the surroundings into making a device that extends force (weapons) or nullifies it (traps)?

  36. @Neg0

    Fuck you!

    If i was trolling, i would have came with a better reply.

    I’m just tired of people saying the have no power, when the’re the only ones who have it…

  37. So sad though, what is happening to the USA.
    Im pretty positive that if the founding fathers saw what America has become, they would be singing “Rule Britannia” to the top of their vocies…

  38. For the smart one (aka AhaNeg0 or w/e) “But saying that the world is ruled by america is bullshit.”.

    My friend, you should check what country actually gives out the largest international aid.

    You should also check where the HQs of the most international entities are (at least economical ones).

    But this crap isn’t out largest problem. LoL.

  39. In Turkish SOPA means stick or rod that is used for beating a person with insubordinate behaviour or attitude.

    When bigots were afraid of the Internet…

  40. The EU Parliament rejected SOPA when the americunts proposed it should be instated here as well so I think we’re safe so far. Also the EU isn’t a fuckin police state… yet.

  41. there’s this SOPA bullshit and there’s that other one .. how’s it called .. ACTA , the internet is gonna be FUBAR if we don’t act somehow.

  42. Taking this a bit into another direction… I believe there is no possible way to censor the internet. Technology is far too flexible and available.
    But if censorship would take over the internet as we know it today, i imagine we could abandon our ISP’s and create a wide area network by connecting all the Wi-Fi’s together. I imagine something similar to the way the swarm works for torrent downloading.

  43. @rrrremus you are wrong : 99,99% of people use DNS to access websites, SOPA can remove the entries into the US master DNSes, this is why SOPA is very dangerous, it’s a root censorship.

  44. Angry Machine… I was talking about leaving out your ISP for file sharing software.
    It would be something like a huge LAN party.
    Of course, for web browsing you could use your ISP and maybe use The Onion Router or other smart tunneling software.

  45. as rrrr said … if dns blocking becomes an issue people will just start using .onion , .bit and i’m shure manny other workarounds exist or will come later on.
    As for COICA …
    “The PROTECT IP Act is a re-write of the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA), which failed to pass in 2010. A similar House version of the bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced on October 26, 2011.”
    Persistent bastards …

  46. People are retarded overall, not just Americans.

    Even though they clearly are over represented in that category.

  47. @HauntingPuff
    America gives a lot of international aid ? Are you talking percentage or absolute value… Because the first one would be relevant if you want to know which people are the happiest (correlation between generosity and well-being).
    The second one is irrelevant, America is a big country.

    Basically I do not think international aid is really related to world economical dominance or freedom of mind.

    Ever heard of commotion wireless ?

    It is a project to connect wifi together and create a network little by little.
    As for the DNS I don’t know a lot about them but maybe things like OpenDNS are different from the ones that could be censured ?

    And everybody knows Vidalia, Tor etc…

  48. For those who do not know, DNS, simply put, is a free service provided by any ISP and its main purpose is to convert domain names to IP addresses. Keeping that in mind, DNS restrictions aren’t an issue and will never be because clients will either find different DNS servers or will download DNS records and use their own DNS server (for example, I have my own DNS server which downloads and caches records from OpenDNS).

    The real issue would be direct access restriction to certain IPs or IP ranges, because then a client would have to use a proxy server to bypass direct access restrictions, and as some of you may know, proxies impose many limitations (scheduled availability, low upload/download speed, connection unreliability, etc.)

  49. Internet piracy will never be abolished (though abolished may not be the right term considering that Internet piracy is a relatively new form of crime), but governmental initiatives can stop it from spreading and can greatly reduce general access to pirated stuff.

    Many of us have witnessed how Internet piracy progressed and now we may watch it regress to the point where only elitist groups will sustain it and get access to it. If it’s generally a good or bad thing- leaves place for a lot of debate.

    What’s for sure is that computer illiterates and mediocre users will be left out of the scheme in case drastic measures get adopted.

  50. @AhaNeg0
    Thanks for sharing. I did not know that this was actually implemented yet, but it comes as great news, and frankly it was obvious that this is more than possible to build. And as a side joke to your previous comments i want to add this :

    The United States Of America : Now we are freeing you from the Internets.

  51. Heh, sweet.

    Meanwhile, Hollywood should get assrammed for this.

    You can’t really blame the government for this, because governments generally consist of old people who don’t know shit about this stuff.
    Their decisions are a result of lobbying, bribes and pressure.

    Hollywood started this shit. They’re setting legal grounds in order to force ISP to comply to whateverthefuck they say.
    And I’m pretty sure stopping piracy is not the primary goal.
    Once they control the internet (by controlling the ISPs through legal means), they will expand their business and start selling people the website packages they want.
    It’s not the first time corporations have attempted to do this. Now they’re just doing it the right way.

  52. I’m not gonna fuck around supporting my non-american comrades, sure, we as people don’t lick america’s arse (that’s British for ‘ass’), but our governments sure do, and we’re gonna lose all our shit. So, grow up, deal with someone using wording that you don’t like and DO SOMETHING! If we don’t, future generations will look back at us and laugh at our stupidity.

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