1. This small dialogue reminded me of Orwell’s 1984;
    I am unaware why, though, after all, the United States of America are the home of the brave and the land of the free, nothing further from an orwellian dystopia.

  2. “Damn right I’m free…This is America…After I finish eating at MacDonalds I’m going to jump from the roof with a bycicle and land on my face just because I’m free as fuck

  3. LOL the video was funny.

    Bunch of ignorant naive douche bags on this forum…. You guys parrot this dogma you hear like it’s all fact. Fact is, most of you have never even been, and if you did go you probably went to a big liberal douche bag city like New York, or San Fransisco. You probably get most of your information off of TV/movies, and your just as dumb as the dumb Americans who watch those shitty shows/movies for believing everything you’re seeing.

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