1. IMO the most pathetic and overused (lame) attempt to back out of something stated earlier (after someone realises that he was wrong) is that one:
    ‘I was kidding/joking’.

    Obviously, you didn’t. :)

  2. How many lawyers. My first post up there was only a joke, if you don’t know the meaning of ;) otherways…screw you all, bunch of faggots!
    I’m sorry Negative0, but these kids are really shitty! They don’t anderstand at all a simple joke.

  3. @DaftHour yes…but maybe we just don’t ‘anderstand’ him…you know, like emos.
    On the other hand it’s starting to be entertaining.

    I want to see how low can he go. I’m guessing he won’t stop until he hits rock bottom.

  4. interesting argument … but tommy boy’s got a point , you’re all faggots for soaring like eagles on him

  5. @Gowron there are plenty of idiots here, on meh – so I’m afraid we have no need of your services just yet.
    May I recommand trying 4chan?! There are alot of no-lifers there too, but it seems that’s still not enough.

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