1. bla bla bla this is bullshit…if we take this in that way without Electricity we did not have phone, windos,internet and meh.ro

  2. It is sad.
    The part with ‘no operating systems, no high/intermediate-level languages and read in binary’ is a bit exaggerated, but still.

  3. Unix did not really influence Windows and it was certainly not the first OS. Also, C was not the first higher-level programming language. Also, the extremely important, Turing Award-winning John McCarthy also died the same month and he is ignored even more since he didn’t even make it to this image. Yay?

  4. Is not like everything was made based on Unix and both Jobs and Gates stole anything in their youth. Cough, cough.

  5. The thing is that the society values charisma more than anything else, this is due to the level of ignorance that is present.

  6. @Panzer I was sure you will write that :)) For some reason I don’t know, dissapeared at submit or wasn’t copied and I saw after posting.

  7. That’s C++, which was invented by Bjarne Stroustrup, newbies. In C, you don’t have namespaces or ostream classes—you need to use puts or printf instead.

  8. @Love4Boobies I know that. I was just correcting coolnicknames’ code.
    In C, it would go like this:

    #include stdio.h


  9. If the person who wrote in the image knew what Steve realy did he would have realized why everybody knew about his death and made a big fuss .
    Lack of culture and education my friends!

  10. @ninzzo cool story, bro.
    So, educate us.
    What did he do for the IT world to deserve all the attention?

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