1. Oh.. not you too meh. Seriously, this is totally lame.. not the fact that 9gag is showing different version of this piece-of-shit picture almost everyday and you just coppied it.. but the fact that you actually consider it funny or.. interesting (lol) as well, even more.. worth to be posted. No more meh.ro for today.. totally blown me away with this one lol.

  2. @Kurayami
    Hi there newfag. Lemme take you though the quick internet tutorial.
    9gag doesn’t make anything, they just repost everything from reddit, which reposts everything from some other places.
    Different versions of an image are called macro-based images, a fundamental platform for the majority of memes.
    This meme, is indeed, pretty fucking lame, as the majority of the new memes, because sites like cheeseburget network and reddit are turning them mainstream, and therefore shittier and retarded, to target a wider audience (retards), in order to make profit.
    In this particular case, even though the meme sucks, the original image (and the story) is pretty fuckin’ sweet.
    Man, internet phenomenon used to be so beautiful back in the day, now everyone ruined it. Can’t wait for the day I shift delete this website and accept the end of another era ultimately conquered by cancer, just like any other beautiful thing in this world. Or should I make a script to auto-post other site’s feeds and pic dump everything from the internet so that the majority of the internet users (retards) think this is the best site ever and everyone else is stealing from it? Ah, the decaying moral fiber…

  3. UMAD BRO?
    Neg0, you deleted posts before (I know, they were mine), why don’t you pepper spray that retards’ post into oblivion and let the haters hate?

  4. @bloodninja you should really consider moving to north korea if you still miss the communist regime and one of their (infamous) favorite methods of dealing with unwanted/negative feedback: the censorship.

    But back to the topic at hand. (wich, btw, was debated again and again to the point that is becoming a banality) I have to agree with -0.

    Now…I hate people who use the phrase ‘back in the day’ even though they’r not old enough to pull it off – and also seem to think that everyone else is an idiot or retard, but them (because they are, in fact, gifts for humankind) but he’s right on this one.

    I don’t remember reading anywhere on this website that the content is created by the owner – in fact, it is mentioned that the content is the work of other people.
    Heck, sometimes even the source of the file is posted.

    Still, I think Kurayami is trolling. It’s the only explanation that makes sense, if you consider all the things said.

  5. Panzer, have I told you before that you’re mentally challenged? Yeah, I did on quite a few occasions.
    Anyway, it’s his site. He can do whatever he wants to do with it.
    And he can use “back in the day” no problems. I’m pretty sure he remembers the times when we were dialing up with 2400bps modems with no error correction to get porn pics from BBSs then send mails from a 0.98 linux kernel box.

  6. ^ I’m not ever sure why I’ve bothered wasting comments on you.
    You’ve proven to me that you are an absolute idiot several times.

    Now I know better than to engage a lesser person such as yourself in conversation, for you’ll always be a worthless suckup @ here. Kiss more ass for all I care…I’m thru talking to you.

  7. Don’t you just love the smell of repression of the masses in the morning, chaps?

    As a side note, a little detail has come to my attention: Negative0 is the owner of this site, it does belong to him; I believe. Like it or not, that seems to be the fact. And like it or not, he can do what and as he wills with everything regarding it (comments included). Think of it as an absolute monarchy, on site level.
    I am not defending him/her (I am quite sure he/she can do this on his/her own) just merely remarking something some people seem to forget.

  8. A head’s up, don’t rinse with water, it only makes the pepper spray worse. Sincerely, the kin of a cop.

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