1. You favor the sword, eh? I’m an arch man, myself.

    My fine ebony arch does 69 DMG.
    The arrows – 16.
    And, I mostly do critical strikes (sneak attacks).
    And have 40% chance to paralize for 4 sec.
    It’s getting way too easy.
    Must switch to a higher difficulty.

  2. @Panzer , no by swordfag I mean that my character is level 20 and that I play skyrim which ivolves swords , which I found out to be awesome. anywhore I’m kind of a mixed mage-warrior destruction 62 , two-handed 56 , heavy armour 40. my character is a fuking mess , but I own shit with destruction spells and when im out of magicka i swith to my ancient nord sword with some aura on it. does good dmg.

  3. @Melcul Netrebnic yes. I don’t know what I was thinking :)

    @Dualzo I only increase the archery, light armor, sneaking and speech skills.

  4. @chuckels 7 same here. lvl 32 now and the bloody cap is supposed to be around 70-80. my life is ruined but i still love skyrim.

    though, i want a patch soon. i’m getting really annoyed of those flying mammoths and especially when i have to run a mile after my horse.

  5. @Panzerfaust, hunt for items with % dmg to archery… i got like 55% total from just 2, and further more, smithing, my friend, owns. try to compare a self made glass bow (epic) to any other shit the merchants give ya. i got mine to 102 dmg alone, +16 from elven arrows = 118 –> using 3 times dmg sneak attacks … well u get the ideea. btw i play on master, and u cant get close to giants, they 1 shot u, even in full heavy armor and shield on block

  6. @Adistalker I have those kind of items. I keep them for special encounters, if there are any.

    As for smithing, I didn’t get into that just yet.
    I don’t want to discover too much because I plan to *really play Skyrim* some other time (maybe in the summer).
    Now I don’t have the time…the courses at the university are really tough, and I have some other things I must focus on.

    When I’ll start playing Skyrim for real, I’ll break any contact I have with society and the internets for a week, maybe even more. I’ll play on master.

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