1. Aww… Would you look at that… Ozzy hates Fred Durst so much even during the photo shoot he can’t help himself from strangling that douchebag. Need a hand there Ozzy? I’ve got a baseball bat :)

  2. the title’s wrong not the people in the picture, it’s different strands of rock i.e- manson being one of the extremes leaning more towards metal or goth or wtv he does

  3. @p3wp3w manson does metal?!
    You should be exterminated like a jew for making such an idiotic statement.
    Better keep your stupid comments to yourself, you ignorant cunt.
    Hetfield does metal. And ozzy, but I don’t like him.

  4. And by “bitch” I mean any of you who thinks someone should shut up because their opinion is not something you agree with.

  5. Freedom of speech is not freedom of the things you love but rather that of things you hate the most. Larry Flint said that in the Parazitii video”Jos Cenzura”. I don’t usually quote people but the old fart is right. Only by freeing your mind and allowing other people to express themselves freely you may benefit of freedom of expression yourself. Dumb cunts.

  6. Right…because there’s nothing wrong about a grown man (wth, I’m in a good mood so I’ll let manson pass as ‘man) wearing chothes that only teenage emo girls would wear.
    Not to mention the makeup.

    Ofc, that’s only the appearance issue.
    I’m not even gonna discuss the worthless crap wich is his ‘music’.
    I could never thake that ‘guy’ seriously. He looks like a clown.

  7. Panzerfaust. bogdan.roca. AndrewSmiles. any other haters

    You sound like my grandma. That is, if my grandma were a metalhead that would argue Hetfiel is not hard rock, he is thrash or what-the-fuck-ever.

    Ozzy is classic, can’t touch him. James is motherfucking Metallica, yes they suck ass and balls lately, but they’re still motherfucking Metallica, so yo can’t touch him either. I get that there are a lot of people hating Durst just like they hate Linkin Park, HIM, or whatever else came out in the 90s for not being Iron Maiden tribute bands, but for actually having a different style and attitude. That’s what rock is, ATTITUDE, and Fred Durst has it. So his lyrics are stupid, he’s dated Britney, and he’s considered to be an asshole, but he treats his fans very well, delivers on stage, is energetic and obnoxious, and that means rocking hard.

    Manson. Don’teven get me started on Manson. Teenage girls wear the clothes they wear becuse they saw manson wearing them first, not the other way around. Makeup? Seriously. Well, how about Ozzy, Kiss or Alice Cooper, or even corny black metal like Immortal? Or do you think black lipstick and eye makeup is girly? He is a PERFORMER, as are all of them, it’s kinda natural to resort to strong visuals, whether it’s poofed up hair and tight jeans from the 80s, or tattoos, leather and chains. Manson doesn’t take himself seriously (aspect wise), he is kind of chosing his looks sarcastically (insert hipster joke here). Manowar take themselves seriously for exampe, and that does make them ridiculous. Looking past that, if you were to read anything Manson has ever written, or watch any interviews he’s done, you would be surprised to find that he is very well-spoken, well-read, cultured, insightful, funny, and generally, a very smart bastard.

    Bon Jovi is hard rock. The man is 50, looks and sounds great, and whether you like to admit it or not, you know all the lyrics to Livin on a prayer and air guitar to Sambora. Is he a sell out? Yes he is. Does that make him not hard rock? Well, Ozzy is kind of a sell out too, considering MTV shows, Justin Bieber commercials and all that. He’s like 90, looks undead, wears makeup and can still rock as hard as he ever did. Do you dare say Ozzy is not hard rock?

    Shit, I think Dio was fucking ridiculous for trying so hard to rock, but I don’t dare say he didn’t rock hard. He was the grandfather of rocking hard, white cowboy boots included. Would you apply the “I could never thake that ‘guy’ seriously. He looks like a clown.” argument to him?

    My point is – if you’re acting like you know/care about rock, be open minded, “pletosi nespalati”, because that’s where rock comes from. That and fucking chicks.

    WELP someone was wrong on the internet, there goes my day.

  8. @Nelly tl;dr (mostly because I have a hunch it’s all a BS — time to be ignorant)

    If mature people still listen to manson…then don’t count me as a metal fan.
    I don’t want to be in the same category with you guys.

    There’s a difference between open-minded/original/etc and pure idiot.

    That’s all. I’m out of this conversation.
    Have a nice day.

  9. @panzerfaust you ignorant bastard i don’t know/care what kind of music manson produces and it was pretty evident in my answer so shut the fuck up and get rid of that list of aggressive comebacks you have taped to your fucking table and keep your mouth shut

  10. @p3wp3w if you don’t know what this picture is about, then don’t comment.

    Darn kids.

    And by the by, I type the messages in case you didn’t figure this out by now.
    Nobody’s using their mouths here since this isn’t VOIP chat nor your mother’s night job.

  11. @panzerfaust u can’t be get any more badass over the internet ehh? m8 get out of your house, remind yourself how the sun looks like and find some friends poor kid

    p.s- if you’re that retarded and actually can’t understand the meaning of keep your mouth shut even if it’s used in a context involving typing then… i’m not surprised :/

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