1. I can only play it in the worst video configuration possible. (800×600, details low)
    And it’s stll laggy.
    Fuck my life.

  2. Who buys games these days? I mean….who can afford such luxury?!

    Torrent ofc. Skyrim was on torrents 2 days before it was officialy released. Cracked too.

  3. @dualzo IMO FPSs are for unskilled video game players. Outsiders.

    In FPSs the gameplay is simple and linear: you only have to keep shooting enemies.
    It doesn’t require any brain activity whatsoever.
    You play them just for fun. That’s all.
    I don’t like that. I want a game that exercises my mind too.

  4. I don’t know if it’s the torrent, but most likely it’s my cunt of a graphics card. My skyrim graphics are all fucked even in the lowest settings.
    My grief is absolute. :(

  5. It doesn’t let me take a screenshot, da fawq. D:
    Well the graphics are like mashed together and also it kicks me from the game after 5 min of intro or so. Everything’s perfectly fine with the menus and loading screen.

  6. @alina2154 first of all, this is A PICTURE o an ‘almost-naked’ gir. NOT an actual flesh-and-bones girl. Christ!
    And secondly, games like Skyrim come out one in a few years, while pictures with naked chicks are all over the internet. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons the internet is so popular.

    @Anarchy have you tried PrintScreen also? Care to share a few info about your system? RAM.CPU.Graphic Card?

  7. I’m typing these lines from my i7 2600, 8gb ram, 1gb ATI computer. And I the first thing I did with that is loggin on meh.ro. Have fun with skyrim and cheers.

  8. @Anarchy the problem is that you have integrated graph….wait a second.

    WTF man, you actually have i5 CPU and 3 GB DDR3 RAM?
    My PC is a piece of shit. And I study computer engineering. I hate my life. I really do :(

    But back to your problem; if you want to have a system good enough to be able to run (decently) the latest PC games, remember: it MUST have a good graphics card (too).
    And if you ever see the word ‘Integrated’ in the description of a GPU, run away. Run like the wind.

    @Potatonik that’s good. Make it worse. Use your mainframe to surf the web, instead of running dozens of OSs at the same time.

  9. @Panzerfaust, the FPS genre is my favourite, but not because MW3 or BF3. Try the first F.E.A.R. for a change, or Borderlands, maybe even Metro 2033. Dead space, Far cry, are good games too. But F.E.A.R. still is a FPS landmark, it’s not about shooting guys, it’s about the proper tactics to defeat a foe. If you think it’s no challenge, start playing them at hard or insane difficulty, that’s proper spectacle. And btw, compared to The Witcher 2, skyrim is major bullshit. The first witcher was a beautiful, almost perfect game, and the second follows it on it’s footsteps with pride.

  10. @DaftHour people can say whatever they want but the fact is: FPSs are about you shooting other guys. That’s all. You don’t get to use your brain. At leats not as much as you would playing a good first-person RPG.

    I had a good impresion about Metro 2023 because it was different. Really realistic…wich you won’t find in almost any FPS. (sadly, I’ve only been playing for 10 minutes, because I had @ 3 frames per second with lowest detail level and resolution)

  11. I’m starting to think that we actually need a forum.
    People are trying to fap in here, and you guys turned the thread into a debate about the gaming industry.

  12. the suffering? stop talking about old shit like that geez.
    @ Panzerfaust: try comparing Skyrim with Fallout 3; they have allot of things in common, including gameplay and mechanics, except 1 is a FPS ( well allmost ) .
    and just so u know, not all ”your kind o’ games” needs allot of brainin’ to do

  13. @DaftHour I’ll consider that. But I won’t start playing games now, since I’m busy studying – most of the time. Maybe in a longer holiday I’ll give it a shot. No pun intended :)

    @Negative0 I’ve shared the same thought for a minute or two. But then I realised:
    Game debates is the only topic that would work in a forum (on meh.ro).
    So, imo, meh.ro doesn’t need a forum. Maybe just more posts related to games, so people can share their experiences and debate.

    @adistalker I didn’t say RPGs require ‘A LOT of brain activity’.

  14. Neg, Skyrim is pretty kewl, they’ve taken the Oblivion recipe and improved it a bit. Also they dungeons are not so fuckin repetitive anymore and they don’t seem like they’ve been automatically generated by some piece of software no more.

    On the forum bit… told ya we need one.

  15. Just read my post after clicking submit. A bit incoherent. Bare with me here, just drinking my coffee.

  16. Let me tell you guys something about Skyrim:

    • It was worth waiting all these years.
    • I’t a really, really huge improvement over Oblivion (and BTW, you can only notice that if you play more then 5 hours)
    • I’m pretty sure no current game has so much content like Skyrim. (I’m talking actor voices, sounds, weapons, environmental diversity, etc)

    I especially enjoy anything related to dwarves and they’r engineering. (cities, forts, mines, items, entities) They’re all steam-punk like and bag-ass.

    And to go even further off-topic: I would trade my soul to be part in the development of the next chapter in Elder Scrolls, or at least expansion packs for Skyrim.
    Such a great working environment they have there (see videos related to the game development of Skyrim).
    That’s where I want to end up working :D

  17. @panzer, it really shows that you haven’t played the witcher 2. it’s realy bad, you lost a ton of dialogues, unique characters, diversity beyond anything and a whole dwarf city and dwarven catacombs and mines to explore.

  18. Hmm… Yes, IGN are idiots and LEVEL pwn everything. That’s like saying Bentley is utter crap and Rolls Royce rulz everything or the other way around, doesn’t matter. Both are among the biggest names is gaming reviews and they know their shit, just like any gamer with at least half a brain knows that Oblivion rocked since the day it came out and nothing topped it except Skyrim. Ok, you like Witcher, good for you, enjoy your game but it’s only a matter of preference and if more people prefer Oblivion or Skyrim over Witcher it should make you wonder at least for a moment which is best.

  19. @DaftHour I’ve finished The Witcher (one) twice (taking different sides, ofc :D). Really great game. And I’ve tried to play The Witcher II too, but I don’t have the hardware for it, sadly.

    But I have to disagree with you on the ‘mature audience’. Just because you get to see a lot of naked women in that game doesn’t mean it’s a more mature game.

    That’s not to say Witcher isn’t one of the best game, one of my favorites along with the elder scrolls series and penumbra (especially black plague)
    And BTW: Penumbra – Black Plague – that’s one of the games I consider ‘mature’. It has a lot of puzzles, and you don’t get to fight with anyone.
    A bit too easy at some points, but hey: every game has some flaws.

  20. I quit gaming a long time ago, mostly because I got distracted by real life, but also because games simply suck these days.

    I tried out some of the new ones and I was greatly disappointed.
    In the early ’00s all of them started to critically lack feeling and atmosphere, but since the mid ’00s they don’t even have actual gameplay.

    BioShock is one of the best examples. Although it’s got awesome story and design and a nice atmosphere, the gameplay is null. You can’t die. It’s like playing on godmode. And that’s awful.

    The gaming industry went mainstream and targeted a wider audience, which means that they needed to make games playable by anyone, and by anyone I mean retards.
    They don’t present any real challenge anymore. The gameplay doesn’t exist. There is no game to play. Whatever you do, you finish the game with ease.

    The Witcher, great game? Hah. That’s probably the last new game I played. It’s just a prettier version of Neverwinter Nights. Linear gameplay and everything else is average.

    The Elder Scrolls… I never really liked it, but I must admin that’s just me. The game itself is quite alright. It’s just that I find everything made by Bethesda to be really boring for some reason. Fallout 3 is exactly TES in a future universe.

    Epic non-linear games used to be Fallout, and my all time favorite Arcanum. Deep motherfucking feel of the storyline and atmosphere, epic challenging and complex gameplay. Everything was awesome.

    And the truly amazing games were before my time, those from the early ’90s.

    Games are now for retards. Fuck them.

    Whoever thinks otherwise, lemme just ask you this: Did a game from the last decade made you feel the way Contra did on NES?
    And think of the fact that Contra has an incredibly basic gameplay, and the new ones are cutting edge programming.

  21. Yeah, I also get distracted by real life. Installed Skyrim 2 days ago, I only played like 3 hrs. Personally I blame my bag of herbs.

  22. […]…so much to be said. So much to debate.

    I’ll just try to sum up.

    Games are about taste, much like music. I’t not worth arguing too much.
    We all just have nothing but opinions regarding wich game is good and wich one isn’t.
    There’s no general truth.

    Generalizing is very, very bad – and not just considering this topic (games), but everything in this world. It shows ignorance adn, sometimes, stupidity.
    It’s for those to preffer to live in denial.

    And ofc the game business went mainstream – I wouldn’t expect any less.
    I can’t even imagine a succesful company making a video game just for a few people. That’s not how life on this planet works.

    IMO, the only reason the ‘ancient’ games had such an impact on our perspective on the video games I’t because it was something new. There was nothing to compare them with. We had no alternative – ofc we loved them.

  23. I think old games were so good because the developers actually made a game they would love to play instead of designing something that would sell. That’s why it’s called a business, an industry.

  24. Flash games are pretty cool these days.
    Deep feel and atmosphere, good graphics, the gameplay keeps on getting better.
    And the main ingredient is love instead of money.

    Protector is better than most recent PC strategy games. :3

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