1. :) Nice job, man.
    I should be a little offended, but I can’t over the fact that this avatar thing it’s really cool.

    Again, Touché, -0. 5/5

  2. @Jukari
    Yes. Avatars.
    But I won’t. It looks like shit.

    And bloodninja’s right, they’d look better on a forum, since it’s a specially designed platform to support the best means of communication efficiently and effectively while making it highly interactive and entertaining through features such as this. The ‘Comments’ section of a website isn’t designed for that, and it should remain as basic as possible, not to compromise the website as a whole.
    At least, that’s what I think he was trying to say…

  3. Wth kind of forum is that where the administrator sets the avatar of the users to goats?
    Nobody would go for that. People like to set they’r own avatars

  4. ^ What?! Check the correct one:

    ◻ you misundertood me;
    ◻ you were trying to insult me;
    ◻ you were not coherent.

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