1. I’m still trying to understand the purpose of posts such as this one. (shots of lightly dressed womem)

    It’s not like they’r hard to find on the internet.
    Heck, in any google search you’ll eventually come across something like that – not that it’s neccesarly to search for something to find them; they randomly pop into your webpage, regardless of what kind of internets you’re surfing.

    Also, I doubt -0 has any interest in getting other guys’ labido going.

    Oh well…

  2. Yeah…I guess a few years back, I would’ve been offended by random insults on the internets from people that don’t actually know me as a person.

  3. Panze, u having a bad week? It always sucks when you have a week when you feel like everything sucks…

  4. @AndrewSmiles oh…no. Not really, anyway. But I do think a lot of things suck.

    Regarding this situation, I think the thing that sucks is the fact that -0 says he wants feedback on his posts when he actually doesn’t.

    How about your week?! Is it good?

  5. I agree with Panze here. I don’t understand the posts with semi-naked chicks, and retarded posts like describing how users will fuck’er. There’s plenty of this on the internet. But of course, if you don’t like posts with half-naked chicks, you’re a fag.

  6. Hello, -0 was trolling….calling him that and really meaning it for that comment would have been too mainstream, but that was the irony in it, making an abvious statement. Wait, what ?!

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