1. The person who has written above me loves to suck cock and drink cumshots.
    The picture posted renders any argument he may have invalid !

  2. The persons who have written above me love to suck cock and drink cumshots.
    The picture posted renders any argument they may have invalid !

  3. Man, don’t you know stupidity is infinite? Just take a look in the mirror, there’s no such thing as too stupid, you’re living proof.

  4. Melcul tries a comeback due to frustration of sucking cock so many times on previous posts but just can’t cut it. i don’t see the point in what you are doing, but go on and do your thing.

  5. I’m not sure about that, I think they lick eachother’s asses, like a messed up faggy 69 or something.

    Scatophilia ftw

  6. You know what they say: “You are what you eat”. And you, Necodobelcule, eat a lot of shit.
    coolnickname, stupid people come labeled. That’s how we recognized you.

  7. Nope Borki, “&” is wrong, Ghuv is just a lapdog (cumshot fed)…
    (Ghuv=Great Homosexual Ugly Vomitus) ;)

  8. Man, wtf? Everything is a confrontation now? “Lines”??? WTF does your presence mean here, an act you play to look kewl and vent your frustrations? Seriously Ghuv, you’re too aggressive man, you’ve got tons of issues you need to fix if you feel the need to lash out at people like that. And honestly, you are taking the fun out of commenting here. Thanks a lot, asshole!

  9. Necodobelcule, you’ll always be my favorite virtual bitch. :*
    Now imma go and take some anti-aggressiveness pills. :))

  10. @Melc, you were the agressive one from the start, and coolnickname’s stupidity startled you even more. And yes they are lines, because when you make a deviated joke once, maybe twice, it’s ok. We laugh, respond , and it’s all cool. But you’re just plain retarded for a while now and it’s not good humor anymore. Ghuv politely asked you to stop(yes, in your case, caling you stupid is being polite, believe me) but you kept on going, now i’m asking you once more to stop being retarded(this goes for you too, coolnickname) and comment only when you’ve got something to say about the image above. Being angry and stupid is what Romanians do on most of the forums and any other sites where you’re allowed to an opinion , when they start cursing anyone for no particular reason. Let’s try to keep Meh.ro away from that shit, please. This is the last thing i have to say to you, take the advice or shut the fuck up.

  11. Dudes, relax, it’s just fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Even with the lame/bad/cool/smart jokes, we’re still doing this for fun.
    coolnickname, i don’t even know Daft, and i think i had a few “verbal exchanges” in the past with him to. But i repet, it’s just for the sake of trolling. So your jokes are a little improper, but it’s your call.

  12. And so the Faggy Couple Beaf between the couples of coolnickname/Melcul Netrebnic and Ghuv/DaftHour has come to a boring end with DaftHour and Melcul Netrebnic retiring leaving their fellow fags to fight their own battles…

    This was your expositor Borki. See you on the next fagfight-pic.
    Till then,

    Let battle be done!

  13. I totally agree with what you said ;) but check who started with improper insults to a common joke, good or bad as it may have been. If you want you can always choose a new houndmaster and mind your business, or stick with your boring tard friend son-of-an-uruk-hai-whore who now preaches Internet ethics :)

  14. OMFG, I had no ideea is such a controversial topic.
    Look at you guys go. That’s entertainment, I’m telling you!

  15. @Panzer, i know, right? love that thing when they start flaming , then say things like ” mind your business” or ” you’re too aggressive man” . precious.

  16. I think this is called “reverse psychology”. You mask your own frustration and aggressiveness by blaming others of exactly what you try to hide. :)
    Anyway, i’m not an aggressive guy. Frustrated? Sure, why not? :D

  17. @Ghuv I don’t think it’s called that way.
    Reverse psychology is a convincing technique, in some cases even a manipulation technique.
    Used for persuading people to do a specific action.

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