1. if it wasn’t for metal gear solid 4 snake and that playboy shit and “dante the motherfucking cocksucker was here” it would have been god damn awesome…

  2. if i reflect on it a little bit, what the fuck is that candy doing there, and why the fuck would he have the marks on the belt and on his back , and why the motherfucking fuck is deadpool spelled with a “-” and it looks like it says deadbool. he’s not indian you rimjob piece of shit! and what the fuck would a stop sign would be doing on his belly? if it’s red and blue it means it’s cool? NO ! it “fuck you for doing that” uncool!!! fucking belts all over his body and everything…

  3. well…first of all he`s got eyes so big so he can see you better and know from which angle to kill you..also they work too take a peak as well from time to time.
    the stop is for the trucks because let`s face it…deadpool loves to make picnics on the highway so he drivers must avoid him.
    the belts all over his motherfucking body are to keep at bait the beast inside him. We all know deadpool becomes Hulk when he goes crazy…and the belts work as suspenders too since he always loses his pants.
    and regarding the name….it`s dead-pool because fuck you, that`s why.

  4. @Flow what the fuck did i just say? deadpool is a cool ass motherfucker, he don’t need that stupid shit. you’re stupid. you should be a blowjob model.

  5. i never understood why people tend to comment shit they dislike…or like for that matter. [yes it’s a paradox, i know]. if you don’t like a picture, why bother commenting on it, and not just skip it? or are you people just really really desperate to be something other than forever alone? this is some guy’s work after all. so let’s all just stop being frustrated little brats and move along to the next photo, eh?

  6. @Swarog You don’t really get how the internets work, do you?!
    I’m guessing you’re level one. No worries, I’ll walk you trough that.
    First, I suggest you gain more experience by completing more quests.

    Your next Quest: respond to my comment.

  7. i’ve been using the internet for a lot of years, i’m just not for socializing bullshit. i eman i don’t stop someone on the street to tell them i fucking hate their face. although i’d like that :-? i might be on to something now :-?

  8. Yes, you go ahead and do that if you enjoy assuming the role of punching bag.

    This is not real life, this is the internet – the virtual reality. You can -and should- say whatever is on your mind to whoever you want, whenever you want.

    Think of it like this:
    reality = communism: You can’t say shit.
    internet = anarchy: You can say whatever you want.

    And I don’t wish for that to change.

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