1. ^ As much as I admire german military technology, I don’t think the Leopard 2 would win in a one-to-one battle against M1 Abrams.

    While the firepower it’s relatively equal between those two tanks, the Leopard 2 doesn’t have DU armor.

    And as far as the russian crap goes, I don’t know what’s the deal with T 90MS but it doesn’t seem really impressive.

  2. Actually, the top speed of Leclerc is just a little higher than Ambrams’ and of all the other ‘worthy adversaries’. (ofc – we’re only talking MBTs here)

    I’ve seen a soviet tank (wich I was unable to recognize) in a parade (soviet ofc, red square cca 1935) wich was going really fast and didn’t seem to be a light tank.

    The point is…if you can’t hit them with an Abrams…there’s much chance they can’t hit you either.

    And even if they can…you’ve got DU armor – like a boss.

  3. PS: I forgot to mention: DU-armored Abrams were stationed in Germany to be part of the first line of defense in case of a soviet invasion.
    I think that says much about them and their armor.

  4. or you can just take a platoon of gypsies against a platoon of what’eva’suck’my’cock’proud’tank and it’s a win, you get rich, happy gypsies and no tanks!

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  6. m1-abrams a 1500hp turbine motor depleted uraniam armored smoothebored fully digital tower of fucking power!!!!
    Leopard = shit
    t90=shit(weak armor and old targeting system)
    leclerc= biiig piece of shit cant get into it right now
    challenger 2 = the only possible adverssary but in every scientific aspect m1 is better includin number built and service lenght! I know they bothe have the same kind of armor but the challenger’s is newer!

  7. try hitting a nuke …
    or an attack chopper
    or an aircraft
    or a landmine
    or a guy with an rpg
    or a battleship
    or someone throwing a grenade thru the hatch
    or toxic gas
    or water.. water will surely kill them
    i even bet a dog can destroy 1 if u stick some bombs to him

    SOOO many options! :D:D:D

  8. I think that the easiest way to deal with tanks is to jam its navigation systems; ergo it’ll stay put, thus, infatry can approach from multiple sides, and take it over.

  9. How can a -let’s say GPS navigation system- be disabled by the enemy?

    I mean, clearly, if that enemy is US then it is possible, but we’re talking M1 Abrams, wich is only available to them and it’s allies.

    And I don’t think the enemy would go as far as to destroy Block IIF/IIIA just to disable US’s global navigation system. Any nation capable of doing that has nuclear devices.

    And who sends infantry to take out tanks?

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