1. wth is the deal this ‘deadmau5’ and why is everybody mentioning it?
    I see he’s ‘playing’ electro or whatever the hell that genre is called, wich is crap too, not music.

    I’m not saying this emo band sucks more than ‘deadmau’…but that shit is for teenagers.

  2. i listen to deadmau5, not because some cool guys like his music, but because i’ve been listening to him for 3 years… and yeah that’s for teenagers.

  3. @DaftHour…you’re listening to ‘deadmau5’ because you’ve been listening to him for 3 years? Nice circular reasoning. Says so much about you.

    @bloodninja the fact that you enjoy a mediocre band wich released a song in the year 1999 when you were a teenager doesn’t change the fact that their music is poor. (and who’s pamela and the midgets, btw?!)

  4. I do not fucking enjoy that mediocre band, I was merely pointing out the video which is somehow similar to the picture.


  5. yea.. avoiding saying some things that will automaticly create a reply or more.. you should try a forum.. or meh’s facebook? idk..

  6. I support the motion of a meh.ro forum!
    And I like to propose Panzerfaust as mod!
    Vote for Panzerfaust!

  7. The “kids” always call it progressive house, trance whatever, but it’s never really progressive.

  8. I can’t get over it what she’s holding between her fingers and why it would need to go into the direction of her mouth…

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