Satan’s Skull found in New Mexico!

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  1. ZiggyFTW says:

    Fake as fuck. If it ws real it wouldn’t be only “the find of the century”, but “the greatest religious discover ever”. This, and the fact that you can tell the horns are fake.

  2. dodieisonfire says:

    it’s not satan!! lady gaga’s deaaad!!!

  3. Ghuv says:

    Man, this is Darth Maul.

  4. evil_goblin says:

    another one who died for our sins, i bet…

  5. dualzo says:

    1993 photoshop , hardcore style.

  6. ask says:

    rofl those noobs

  7. Nastratin Hogea says:

    I wander how ZiggyFuckTheWin figured out it’s fake.

  8. Nastratin Hogea says:


  9. Myth says:

    ^ he saw a few shops in his life… and there is a blue pixel that doesn’t belong to the image

  10. Angry Machine says:

    They have great digital artists :D

  11. kaizzeronekanobi says:

    The Mexican police mens are still looking for the murderer >:o

  12. adyo13 says:

    back in the day, when you couldn’t match the texture…you would have changed the colors..that’s why is magenta all over his face

  13. SKiT says:

    If the bible “experts” were so pro, they would know that Satan/Lucifer didn’t have horns…

    Instead, this really awesome pair of wings made of satin. Hail satin!

  14. synapse says:

    looks legit

  15. Dartes says:

    But seriously chaps! How come you deem this article trustworthy? It is canadian for heaven’s sake!

  16. darthedd77 says:

    A dyslexic kid wrote a letter to Satan for Christmas

  17. diug says:

    this is legit!!

  18. Panzerfaust. says:

    @adyo13 lol.

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