1. Lung cancer +1
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  2. smoking is just like alcohol and many other things. It satisfies an urge that “it” creates. The best thing to do is to just never try it in the first place…

  3. LOL you can tell most of you still live in your moms basement. Smoking lets me get out of work for 15 minutes so I don’t kill the people around me. All the non-smokers are stuck inside working :P Social acceptance…. no, more like my escape.

  4. I do not smoke, there are several more fascinating ways to end our lives, don’t you agree?
    Suffice to say that I respect those who choose this particular one (excepts in pblic places where somking is banned, if I see someone breaking the law, I feel an intense urge to murder)

  5. @ un om: i feel a sudden urge to call you a judgemental fag but i won’t. If you’re not a smoker go and bark at another tree and spare us the your “live your life” faggotry.

  6. @ICdedpipal

    Go fuck yourself in the ass with a cactus!

    Tits or get the fuck out!

    People like you complain aboot getting a cold, getting sick, then you pump yourself with drugs to make you feel better again and guess what? You’re just a moron, that doesn’t want to change and states “this is life”. Of course your life sucks, YOU WANT IT TO SUCK!!! So shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself with a cactus!

  7. I almost never get sick. In fact it’s usually my non-smoking friends who get sick. I’m fine with dying early, never wanted to live in a retirement home anyway. The fact of the matter is most smoker smoke to relieve stress or relax. @un om is probably to young to understand that. Life’s not stressful in high school/middle school. Let me know when you start working 60-80+ hour weeks, and don’t resort to alcohol or cigarettes as a means to escape and forget how much of your life is passing you by at work.

    Here comes @Un Oms dick measuring attempt to prove he has it rough, and that he still doesn’t smoke. Let’s hear it?

  8. ^ Clearly you are the perfect proof that age and wisdom are not necessarly directly proportional.
    It seems to bee quite the opposite in your case, those two variables are inversly proportional.

    But please spare us with the ‘I smoke to relieve stress’ bullshit.

    And don’t worry, I’m not ignorant, I know very well what I’m talking about.
    Not only I have really stressed out friends (many of them have jobs, too) who don’t smoke and friends that don’t have to worry about shit – but they still smoke -, but I also did some experiments and I have to tell you this: smoking doesn’t seem, in any way to reduce stress.

    I am very confident that most people start smoking because it seems like a cool thing to them and/or to fit in with other people who share the same thought.
    Anyway, seems like an lame and awfull way to give away your money.

    Better smoke weed. At least that shit really does something. And I hear it’s worth the efforts, too.

  9. Traffic accidents and the mafia kill more people in my country than cancer does, so we people don’t give a damn and indulge ourselves in chain smoking and binge drinking.

  10. Forgot:
    post-coital, with Germans, sometimes those two overlap, coital, birthdays, to annoy my mom, pre-coital, on a sailboat, the day the Mets are mathematically eliminated every year, and, of course, cause Lord knows I have, pregnancy scares.

  11. is meh full of kiddies?…
    why the fuck judge someone for smoking, really, is it your life?..fuck…
    if i want to smoke, i will smoke.
    if i want to drink, i will drink.
    if i want to fuck, i will fuck.
    @unom is a retarded 10 year old kid who just discovered 4chan and trolling
    @panzerfaust the same…
    what a bunch of queens.

  12. Panzerfaust.

    i like the fact that , that is all you have to say :)

    go judge your mom for bringing you to this world and not total strangers.

    good luck with your boring and women free life ;) .

  13. @Panzerfaust

    You’re clearly a scientist, I’m sorry I doubted your “experiments”. In no way is it possible for cigarette reduce stress, you must have first hand knowledge. Obviously you have definitive proof. I guess I was wrong. I’ll just stop smoking right now since I have no reason to other than to be “cool”. I don’t understand why I smoke alone throughout the day, maybe to impress the plants, animals, and insects.

  14. ^ I see, now’s the part when you act like you know me when you really don’t. Still sad.

    BTW: Don’t expect me to respect your opinions since I don’t have much respect for people who still try to impress/intimmidate others by (over-)using the word ‘fuck’.

    This ‘Strutter-talk’ thing doesn’t work with rational, intelligent people – just with hippies, who are more on your level.

  15. @ Jukari, judging by your comments, I wouldn’t be too surprise to find out that’s the actual rearon you smoke. Have a good one.

  16. wouldn’t it be nice if all non-smokers got another type of cancer and we could all laugh and have a smoke while they rot in agony? ^_^

  17. from what point of view is ‘fornication’ bad, aside from a religious* one ??

    * wich doesn’t matter at all.

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