1. i wish game developer would grow some balls and actually use their imagination to create stuff instead of going the safe way and re-using ww2 over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over …

  2. “over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over” evilgoat did u reach internet climax ?

  3. World War 2 games are not awesome! You always know how they end! xD Futuristic games on the other hand… Well, I’m a big Dead Space and Mass Effect fan…

  4. ‘awesome’, my ass.
    WWII games come out every day and they all suck the big one.
    Except for Achtung Panzer series wich are kind of decent. (Mostly because they’r not FPSs)

  5. I prefer ww2 games…but I dont like playing the same battle in more than one game…I hate futuristic games (xcept for post apocalyptic ones)…I would love to play some historical game involving some Romanian campaigns (like Marasti-Marasesti-Oituz, or battle of Vidin or shit like that)

  6. STFU haters!!

    I’m a big fan of scfi-fi games like Mass Effect and Dead Space but YOU CANT SAY Battlefield 1942+expansions , Call of Duty , Call of Duty 2 ,Call of Duty World at War and the Medal of Honor series were not awesome. if you like history you definetly like historical shooters.

  7. My granpa on my father’s side fought in WW2 for Ro Army on both sides (against russians and germans when Ro turned commie). Never heard him tell stories about it. Imagine how kewl it was…

  8. Also he has a shitload of decorations, bastard won’t let me touch’em. Can’t wait for him to die.

  9. At least my grandkids won’t look for humor every morning on the Internet now that World War 3 has started.

  10. dualzo: Agreed, I hate these band wagon doche bags who complain about WW2 shooters. Seems to be the trend to just complain about WWII shooters. All of the CoD and MoH games we’re pretty awesome. A shooter is a shooter, who gives a fuck what time frame it’s in? And Fuck Starcraft. Imagination? really.. Crysis is set in the future and its the most boring game I’ve ever played.

    Neg0 Just has a life now, if he was smart he would appoint some new people to add pictures for him.

  11. WW3?
    There’s no gonna be such thing…sadly.

    Clearly notions like: deterrence theory (more specifically nuclear deterrent), mutual assured destruction (‘Dead Hand’, ‘Letters of last resort’) or nuclear peace are unfamiliar to you.

  12. @Panzerfaust. I am still hoping for some doomsday device though. Life looks so boring without gamma radiation all around!

  13. @bugmenot, I have a different wish.
    I, too, wish for a nuclear war, but I don’t want ALL the people to die as a result.
    I want some of them to survive (Clearly, in fallout shelters with a lot of water and food) and someday repopulate the earth. New nations, civilizations, etc.

    Ofc, that would have to be a hell of a bunker, since the people would have to survive in it at least @ 30 years. (wich is the half-life of cesium-137, probably the most serious threat)

  14. maybe one day we will hear kids say how one man single-handedly took out the whole german army and won the medal of honour and all…just because their dad told them how he finished the game, while doing the history homework. it wouldn’t surprise me.

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