1. god, gods are personifications of the things that made life possible for the ancients example: rivers, animals, sun, universe.

  2. Not the best image posted under the ‘atheism’ tag. It seemed clever at first but it’s actually not; it could backfire.

    The logic inference is that ‘god’ exists, if you give it a little thought.
    I guess if I were to believe in this ‘god’ nonesense, right about now I’d say something like this:

    “We’re not judging His will, in fact, the reason that people such as yourself exist is to strengthen believer’s faith”

    It would be hard to fight with this argument under the circumstances.

  3. Nope, stupid people thinking a magician could send his kid, twelve other people seeking success because they were poor as hell, and make popes to rule the economy of the world and centuries later not thinking that religion is still a corporation made me an atheist… We can see more effects of Gasoline in the world than of “God,” maybe Petroleum of Nazareth should be my god, people also go to war for that, you know? *Irony*

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