1. Because it vaguely resembles an atomic fungus?
    From that precise point of view I say worry not sir, for I assure that if an ICBM were to fall in your city, and you were looking on the direction of the impact; you would go blind exactly when the weapon explodes (and immediatly afterwards you would be reduced to nothing more than atoms floating in air, hence the word atomic)

  2. @Dartes, ‘fungus’?! I think you mean ‘mushroom’.

    And not all the nuclear weapons are ICBMs. There are also SLBMs, bombs (atomic and/or thermonuclear), nuclear artillery projectiles (short range) and so-called ‘suitcase nukes’. Also, the A-bombs (atomic bombs) are not named that way because of the fact you presented; in fact, that’s just a really stupid thing to say.

  3. Indeed I meant that, mushroom, thank you for your correction.
    I named ICBM as a mere example, the first thing that came to mt mind. And you really have to concede that A) It was an mildly original reinterpretation of the etymology of the word “atomic” and B) He is bound to go blind and then turn to ash anyway if it does happen as I supposed, regardless of which weapon, so long as its warhead is nuclear.


  4. @Dartes. True, observing the nuclear mushroom without proper eye protection will result in blindness.

    As for turning to ash…yes, it’s most likely, but it still really depends on the yield of the detonated nuclear device and the distance from ground zero.
    Ofc the effects of the nuclear fallout must be taken into account, too.

  5. relax, no one gives a crap weather you go blind when you watch it or you just need glasses afterwards. did the picture say “show off and share information picked up from discovery ch?” mushroom, fungus or just mold, really, who cares you saw some docs about nuclear bombs?
    strange things happening on mavis road…

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