1. Ain’t gonna end well. That’s a fixie and she can’t reach the pedals from the saddle while her feet are strapped in. +1 on the want the bike though.

  2. @Shoricelli Nice point you have there. Bitch gonna fall and hurt herself. But that’s what you get for being out of the kitchen.

  3. @Shoricelli, I don’t think she’s really riding the bike. In fact, I’m quite sure someone’s holding the bike by the front wheel while she’s just standing on it.

    Not only this explains why her feet are strapped to the pedals in such circumstance, but also makes the process of taking the photograph easier, since the target isn’t a fast-moving object/entity.

    Also, I don’t notice any tense muscle on her legs wich could demonstrate that she is, in fact riding the bike.

  4. @ Panzerfaust. Could you hold a bike by the front wheel with someone on it? And not fall over? And no tense muscles? wtf man u a doctor or something? get your shit straight smartass

  5. @adistalker I know exactly what you’re thinking about when asking if it’s possible to keep a bike in balance just by holding the front wheel.
    Taking this into account, I can say for sure that it’s possible. Maybe not with your bare hands, but there are other means available.

    Also, you don’t need to be a doctor to notice the bike isn’t really moving towards, but you have to be an idiot to try to insult someone on the internet for no apparent reason.

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