1. I have the personal theory that he progressively just lost interest on us, hence we se less and less of his handiwork.
    His mysteries are unfathomable to a mere mortal surfing the interest obviously. Just saying.

  2. I too, have once surfed the “interest” and it was not as exciting as most theorists lead me to believe.

  3. @Myth If god proof that he’s exist then there’s no reason that he gives humans free will, actually the first thing you did wrong is thinking that god need a proof.
    just because some religion are obviously wrong (Christianity) that doesn’t mean all religions are the same.
    the only one who can say that all religions are wrong is the one who study them all.

  4. @abd1001
    I honestly disagree with you. Knowing something exist does not automaticly make you follow that person.
    For instance I know the code of laws exist, yet I still CHOOSE to sometimes jaywalk while other people CHOOSE to do taxevasion.

    Free will exists regardless if you know an authority figure exists or not.

    Now if the code of laws didn’t exist, and people would say well if you jaywalk you might get punished sometime in the unpredictable future, there would be chaos.

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