1. i hope you guys know this is fake, right? it’s one of the many russian outlandish poor-man’s entertainment

  2. Very fucking interesting. This means my head can be preserved Futurama style.

    On the other hand, congrats to the visionary people of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany who didn’t let something as idiotic as the morbidity factor deter them from experimenting for the sake of knowledge and scientific progress.

  3. @neg0 no it’s not… just you can’t prove it that’s fake or it’s real… there is only one 10 min video about this; you got anything else to prove ur point?

  4. well if this is true with this “tehnology” you can use human heads and preserve them alive like in melcu’s comment… has this happened in 70 years or enlighten me

  5. They were doing experiments like this in Romania as well. My grandma was one of the doctors doing this kind of shit back in the 50s and she had skulls, pics and documents of the experiments made on dogs’ and cats’ brains.
    It was freaking me out when I was a kid but I turned out just fine now when this kind of shit doesn’t phase me anymore… oh, wait…

  6. I actually had in plan to scan all the logbooks and the shit he had there so I might just pay her a visit sometime next week.
    Also, she has a very large collection of nude pics of me since I was a toddler being baptized and at the seaside which I reckon I could sell for a decent amount of money to some pedo site or something, and that’s a much better incentive than showing you proof she was sticking nails and electrodes into dogs’ brains and such.

  7. you can preserve your head yeah but your brain won’t be really functioning…you’ll have your basic nervous system working with reflexes and such (like the dog licking his nose) but memories and cognitive processes can’t yet be maintained unless you do something like the other russian experiment where they transplanted a dog’s head undo another dog and made a 2 headed dog (not kidding)

  8. This is awesome! I want more of this stuff! Now I can kill people and have like 15 minutes to change my mind…

  9. it’s 1940 they can easily fake it.
    as Myth said you can’t prove if it’s real or not
    still.. i think part of it is Possible, they might be able to recover the Smooth muscle for a minute or less.

  10. This site has a lot of funny stuff… could do without things like this. There are other sites I could to for this kind of crap.

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