The new black-latino-gay Spider-man

He started life as a white science geek living with his uncle. But now to reflect the racial changes in America Spider Man has been given a makeover – as a half black half Latino teen. Miles Morales has replaced Peter Parker as the face behind the famous webbed mask, Marvel Comics has revealed. [More]



  1. I read this on CNN. He only replaces Spidey from the ULTIMATE MARVEL UNIVERSE. There is the classic Marvel Universe, where Peter Parker lives. A few years ago they made the Ultimate Spider-Man, where Peter Parker was STILL IN HIGHSCHOOL. The real original Spider Man still lives. Please get your facts straight.

  2. they did a black spiderman so that the majority of american kids can relate to him, with peter parker they couldn’t.
    they should make a chinese version of batman.

  3. Mary Jane will love the black cock. Yo waddap bitch, I’ma save yo white ass. Chu’no, with dem great powa come that great responsabiliteh, biatch.

  4. How stupid are you all. This is the fucking Ultimate universe. The white Peter Parker is still alive, a lot of messed up shit happens in the ultimate universe. Calm yourselves.

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